Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corny... (more from the state of PA)

Abigail has been experiencing all sorts of new things since our move out here. She has really been enjoying spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd (Todd’s parents.) They have a miniature farm with a huge garden, an orchard, and a field that is just waiting for a pony!
Abigail has been amazed by seeing how exactly it is that vegetables actually get to the table. The other day we dug potatoes, and she thought that was great! (Digging for buried treasure, she says.) Most recently we explored the world of corn.

After much preparation (and gesticulating) Abigail and Mr. Lloyd were ready to go out and gather corn for dinner!

They found the right spot, and started looking for just the right ears.

Abigail thought she would try to scare them off the stalk with a honk of her horn.

Since that didn't work, she decided to sit back and let Mr. Lloyd do the hard work.

When they had picked enough ears to satisfy even Todd's appetite for sweet corn (plus a few sweet cantalopes) they headed back to the house.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this "corny" tale.

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