Monday, October 02, 2006

Goings-on or Going-ons?

So, I have a new favorite thing. Can you guess it? I bet you can't... Heehee!

Okay, I will just tell you. I love Ambien. Last week when I was at the doctor I asked for a prescription for it since a) I haven't been sleeping that well to begin, and b) I am starting to work off-shifts (evenings, nights, strange shifts that are a mix of evenings and nights (eveights?) that go from 3pm to 3am, etc) and I know my body just needs extra help to sleep those strange hours. So he gave me the script, and I got it filled (a very expensive medication, by the way.) And I tried it last night...

I am loving it.

I only took half of the prescribed dose because I was worried that if I fell too-asleep I wouldn't be coherent if Abigail needed me and also because I wanted to make sure I didn't have a sleep-hangover this morning. I fell asleep right away, and stayed asleep until my alarm went off, then I was able to just bounce out of bed (with just a touch of orthostatic hypotension, for those who care, but that resolved quickly). YEA! That was my first really restful, uninterrupted sleep in weeks- maybe months! I don't want to make Ambien a new habit, but it's nice to know it is there if I need it:)

Unrelatedly, I thought I lost my keys today. And yesterday. And the day before that. But I didn't. After giving Todd his house keys/alarm thing/car keys back on Saturday, my keys officially shrank to the smallest they have ever been since I started driving. I only have two measly keys on there- my house and my car. I suppose I could put the "Illinois" keys back on there, but that seems kind of silly to carry those around when there is no hope of me ever using them out here. So just my two lonely keys. That's it. And boy, being that small, they sure are easy to misplace!

I switch to the 4th floor today, returning to my "medicine" background and leaving the 5th floor- post surgical. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I also now officially switch to off-shifts from now until probably the end of my orientation. Not so cool, but what can I do?

7 weeks until Mandy arrives! The rest of you should get your act together and come visit me here, too!

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Mandy said...

You were counting down the weeks too? Aww! I think another visit is in order. So we can have a real night out. Also, I'm super happy you're not doing the Tylenol PM thing anymore.

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