Wednesday, November 15, 2006


And so it starts.

I am on a vigil; I work my first 7p-7a shift tomorrow night so I am trying to stay up late tonight and sleep late tomorrow. Then nap an hour or two before I go into work. So I am on a vigil- to keep myself awake.

Because even though it is only 6:33pm, there is nothing that is looking or sounding better to me right now than my very warm and cozy bed.

So it's off to the coffee shop for a good book, then to the 24-hour Giant (our grocery) then home for some housework. I might not stay up terribly late, but it will be better than me going to bed right now:)

That being explained, please excuse me if I don't call/email/blog for the next few days. I might not be very functional outside of work (then again, I might be okay. It's hard to tell because I've never had to work night shift before.)

**Update: I stayed up until 2am and then slept until almost 11:30am. We'll see how the first night goes.

****Update: I have been up for 21 hours, 12.5 of which I spent working. I am exhausted and want to go to bed, but I really need to unwind first... so, off to a hot shower then a bit of P&P.

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