Thursday, August 10, 2006

That Face...


He has this bit of gray that mingles in the hair around his ears, and his goatee is sprinkled with many colors: red, brown, gray, white. It makes him look older than he is, but it fits him. When he smiles, his dimples become massive indentations that frame his face when you look at him straight on, but from the side are inviations to put something (a piece of candy, your finger, a kiss) in them. He has deep lines around his eyes that come from years of finding something to smile about, and then smiling a big, wide, stretching smile that reaches up to shape his eyes into smiles themselves. His eyes are deep blue, at times the color of the Pudget Sound in Seattle, other times a jewel-tone, occasionally hinting at green and gray. When he wears his contacts, he blinks a lot, as if he is constantly thinking and digesting all that you say and do (which he might very well be doing); when he isn't wearing contacts, he has a slight squint all the time that makes him look inquisitive and interested (which he might very well be.) His nose is his father's nose, and when I trace it's ridge, I see him in thirty years, just as his dad is now. And his mouth... so soft. His lips that curve over his teeth into grins and smiles and smirks- his lips that sometimes brush against my cheek, sending a tingle down my back and exciting goosebumps on my arms- his lips are full and smooth, making a mouth that is beautiful, not feminine or weak but rather strong and purposeful. Yes. That face... that is the face I love.

Corny, Part 2

Corn gathered, Abigail decided to give it a go at "peeling the corn."

She was skeptical at first; is there actually sweet corn inside these green things?

Well, there is no way to know unless you try!

Here goes....

Ohh, silky!

Okay, corn, come on out!

You're sure there is corn in here?

She eventually gave up, but the rest of us pitched in and had a wonderful sweet corn dinner!
(I love that you can see Abigail twirling in the upper left corner of this picture!)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corny... (more from the state of PA)

Abigail has been experiencing all sorts of new things since our move out here. She has really been enjoying spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd (Todd’s parents.) They have a miniature farm with a huge garden, an orchard, and a field that is just waiting for a pony!
Abigail has been amazed by seeing how exactly it is that vegetables actually get to the table. The other day we dug potatoes, and she thought that was great! (Digging for buried treasure, she says.) Most recently we explored the world of corn.

After much preparation (and gesticulating) Abigail and Mr. Lloyd were ready to go out and gather corn for dinner!

They found the right spot, and started looking for just the right ears.

Abigail thought she would try to scare them off the stalk with a honk of her horn.

Since that didn't work, she decided to sit back and let Mr. Lloyd do the hard work.

When they had picked enough ears to satisfy even Todd's appetite for sweet corn (plus a few sweet cantalopes) they headed back to the house.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this "corny" tale.

Update: Abigail

We've been keeping busy here in PA. Here is a taste of what Abigail's been up to...

We love the bread machine! Abigail loves to measure the ingredients and to watch the machine work it's dough magic.
She especially loves seeing the dough once it has risen and doubled in size!
I love that she loves this activity... and that it has such tasty results.

She can't seem to get enough of our yummy bread. Neither can I.

She even eats the crust.

In the evenings, after dinner, we will often walk down by the river.

Sometimes we will take our "work."

To Abigail, coloring is serious business!

And I love watching her learn to create. Doesn't she look so grown up?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Coming Soon...

A long blog about life in the friendly state of Pennsylvania.

Lots to say. I have a church. I start my new job in 2 short weeks, I'm settled and contemplating another move, and I might be adding a new child to my family...

Not my own child, a foster child. I am seriously contemplating becoming a foster parent.

Anyway, an update this week, I promise. Todd is away at the Youth Retreat that he runs, so I am completely free until the banquet on Thursday. I promise I will dish lots and lots before then, and even more after our trip to the shore this weekend.

Signing off for now, but tune in real soon, folks!
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