Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Dragon*

Christina: "... I'd really like to have the baby at this hospital that is closer to where I live, but I would have to pay $1500 out-of-pocket, and here, it's free..."

Grace: "Well, for my money, and knowing the cost of a baby, I would have it at the free place."

Christina: "Yeah, well, I can see your point. But the other thing is, well... I'm not exactly the nicest person when I am tired and hungry... and I don't really want the people I work with knowing what a b**** I can be."

Grace: "Too late."

*Christina and her hubby call the baby in her tummy "the dragon." This is not to be confused with the "green dragon" of envy.

1 comment:

Eryka said...

Moriah called her baby an alien at least once.

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