Thursday, February 01, 2007


"You're right. It's not the falling in love with you that's difficult. It's the staying."


Moriah said...

Did someone say this to you? Wow.

But there is truth in it, in regards to everyone though. Falling in love, with all the buterflies in the stomach, the excitement of a new relationship, the roller coaster of emotions as each word exchanged is meticulously scrutinized for the "true" meaning behind it, that is the fun part. The hard part is laying that aside for the monotony of everyday and not being surprised by anything. However, you have the joy of knowing each other so well that you finish each other's sentances, the security of knowing that their feelings about you will never change no matter what and that spending the rest of your life with this person is the only way you could see life worth living.

grace said...

Mo, I love the way you write about love... the way you write about falling in love, and the way you write about staying in love.

You write as a woman who is so intimately known, so completly assured, so wholely loved that the confidence of your love exudes in every word. And this is why I love Josh. :)

Yes, someone said this to me... but I am pretty sure they were joking. Nonetheless, I, too, see the truth in it. Sometimes it is through humor that we most clearly see truth.

Mandalina said...

Hmm, I think I agree with Moriah here. There is truth to what he says.

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