Monday, February 05, 2007


Sometimes I log in and hit "New Post" because I have something to say- I have something that I want to get off my chest or to work out as my fingers hit the keys.

Other times I log in and hit "New Post" as a challenge to myself... a challenge to find one thought, pin it down, and get it out. A challenge to make my thinking slow down enough to match the speed of my fingers. A challenge to tune out all of the distractions and focus on the root.

This post is one of the latter.

And my mind is so full, my thoughts are racing so much, my consciousness so muddied by the sensory overload that is my life, that I am finding it hard to pin down just one thought. And so it seems that the only thought I can pin down is the idea that I might just have adult ADD.

What do you think?


Mandalina said...

Is this like the time you thought you had liver failure or appendicitis? I don't think you have adult ADD. I think you just have a lot to think about and a lot to say.

Besides, if you have adult ADD then I do too and I don't want it so there. We're completely normal. Sort of. :D

Eryka said...

Ah, you've been thinking with my brain again, haven't you. I'd like that back when you're done with it.

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