Sunday, March 11, 2007


So, last night Doctor John, Lowell (one of the peds interns) and I went on a date.

Actually, Lowell asked Doctor John to go on a date, and I tagged along*.

We went to see 300.

Interesting story, based on historical events, kind of gory/bloody, good special effects, some really funny one-liners.

And, mm. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Some seriously nice man-parts. Abs, thighs, and one really nice tush shot. A few cute faces, too. I like Spartans:)

Seriously, all the way home, Doctor John and Lowell were all "I feel inadequate as a man" and I was all "Shh! Let me just sit back and enjoy those fine specimens!."

Mmm. Might have to buy the DVD. Because this is right up there with Darcy ripping off his shirt and jumping into the pond in P&P. Except, it's like there are 300 Darcys.

*Seriously, not a "date." Lowell just didn't think to ask both of us, probably because he thought I wouldn't want to see this movie. And to be honest, I did keep my eyes shut for about half the movie because, um, eww! But then, there was the mmm, too!


Anonymous said...

300 was awesome, despite feeling like less of a man afterwards. Go see it. And if your a guy, take your girl. It will help even up the score for the number of times you have drooled at an actress in her presence.

Eryka said...

I watched this movie, and really didn't like it. Sure, hot guys, but unrealistically hot. The plot line lacked interest. Copious amounts of fighting paired with less that par acting, in my oppinion. Cuz really, if the bodies, were ugly, there would be no draw to the movie. The acting WAS bad. It's like they were trying to do the whole "Bravehart" paired with "Troy" drizzled with a little "Matrix". What was that all about? The Matrix slow-mo moves? Sorry. I didn't buy it.

Good story line. Could have been executed much better.

grace said...

I don't know. I thought the acting was okay... buth then, they all had to act like stoic, brave men fighting a war against tremendous odds. Not difficult to do. I particularly thought the Queen's role was well-played; her struggle, her love, both for Sparta and her husband, and her fury (that scene rocked!)

I guess the movie is based on a graphic novel of the historical events of ancient Greece, and the cinematography style is supposed to reflect the graphic novel style with the slow-mo moves and the spray of blood. Don't particularly like this style, but for those familiar with the graphic novel, I can see how it would be enjoyable.

Plus, now every time Doctor John does or thinks about doing anything slightly wussy, or if I have a total pansy of a patient, I can be all "You're no Spartan." It's like my litte joke with myself. Not that I am particularly "Spartan."

One of my favorite lines has to be "Who is this woman that she thinks she can talk in the company of men?"

"I am the Spartan Queen" (or something like that.)

"But that makes you no different than any other woman." (or something like that)

"Yes, because only real Spartan women can give birth to Spartan men."

Go Spartan Uteruses! :)

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