Tuesday, March 20, 2007


She's here!
Meet the newest addition to our family...

This is Lily. As in Lily Evans, for all you Muggles out there!

Lily is about two years old. I adopted her from PAWS. When they found her, she was homeless and her tail was infected. She later had to have part of it amputated. But now she is healthy and home with us! She weighs in just over 6 lbs. (about the same as Abigail when she was born) so she is pretty small for an adult cat. But I think she is just the right size- baby size!

Lily is kind of scared of Abigail... partially because Abigail is so, well, not exactly calm.

But she is also scared of her because Lily is scared of just about everything. This is her hiding behind the couch.

She may be shy, but she is smart, too. She's looking at Doctor John in this picture... and she's not impressed at all!

Lily is gray with black stripes, white feet, and a white hourglass on her nose/forehead. Her eyes are a lovely bright, light green.

This is me climbing under the furniture to try to catch Lily before I went to work her first night home. Being a novice pet owner, I am fairly open to suggestion...

I think Doctor John really exploited me when he told mt that crawling under the furniture was how all pet owners catch their pets. It didn't work, and we had to move the couch to get her. She has since taken to hiding under Abigail's bed which is better because she now will come out when I look at her and call her name.

Lily is a lap cat. This is her trying to share my lap with my laptop as I am blogging right now. She loves to be held and pet, and thankfully, I have long arms so I can accommodate!

She is adjusting well (only one minor biting incident, which was more curiosity and was not aggressive in any way.) She is still pretty timid and shy, but more and more she is coming out of her shell and starting to explore and play. Yea! But I am still pretty much her favorite. And she seems happy being my little baby!


Moriah said...

She is so beautiful Grace! I love her eyes. Looks like Dr. John did have a fun time with you and had the camera to exploit it.
: )

grace said...

Yeah, well, things got even gigglier (more giggly?) when he tried to climb under the end table with me. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe! But that might have been because he was squishing me, too:) I swear, when Lily saw that, she rolled her eyes.

Eryka said...

I like this cat. She has attitude--which is appropriate. How old is she? Ella is small too. But Ella is only 8 months old. her mom was petite. Her brothers are huge. She will warm up to you. Just remember to give her space when she is "acting that way". And if she is an adult, try to not over feed her, because cats really don't know when to quit. They can be gluttens.

Eryka said...

Oh another thing you may not know. Cats hate their food and water to be near their poop place. For instance, my cat won't drink from any water dish in the bathroom. So I give her another water dish in the kitchen. She loves that one. Cats are very prone to get dehydrated. Make sure to change her water every day and even set a few dishes around the house until you see which one she prefers the best.

grace said...

Thanks for the good advice... right now she has been cooped up in Abigail's room for the day when I am not home, and then she is allowed out when I am here... Her litter box and food are in there, but they are not right on top of each other, and once she "aclimates" they will be in seperate rooms. I didn't think to put out more than one water dish, but I will now.

She will probably always be small... she has a petite build, and while her coat is shiny and healthy and she is obviously well-fed, she is still- I don't want to say "bony" so I will say very slim. She eats like a bird, too! Right now I leave a bit of dry food out all day, and once a day I give her some wet food. She still hardly eats, but that might change once she gets settled. She is just the right size- small enough to cuddle, but big enough that I don't loose her.

And yes, this is long enough that it could have been it's own post.

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