Sunday, March 11, 2007

Enter to Win a Fabulous Prize!

In our tradition of mixing chocolate milk with just about everything, Doctor John and I have created a new drink. And we need your help to name it!

The recipe is as follows:

1 part Kahlua
1 part Vodka
1 part Chocolate Milk

It's like a White Russian, except chocolate milk instead of cream. Mmm.

So, submit your recommendations for a name. We will pick the winner, take all the credit for the clever name, and give you a fabulous prize!*

No limit to entries, so enter as much as you wish!

*Fabulous Prize= a prize we decide you should get, that we decide is fabulous.


Moriah said...

Here is my entry:

Kicking Chocolate Cow

And it is fabulous.

- Justin said...

Well... are you sure it's only 1 part chocolate milk? If so that's a pretty stiff drink. Is it not just 1 part Kahlua, 1 part Vodka, and chocolate Milk to fill?

Anyway, here are my suggestions...
If it is 1 part everything then:
- Shot-colate Milk
If it is a drink and not a shot then:
- Gender Mixer (kahlua black; Vodka White)
- Muddy Waters
- Shot-quik Milk (say it quickly and it sounds like Chocolate Milk - I'm phonetically tricky like that)

That's about it for now...


- Justin said...

Oh... another one.

- White Rabbit (you know the Quik rabbit right?) Yes it's a stretch.

- Justin said...

Nothing against Moriah's suggestion, but 'Kicking Chocolate Cow' really sounds like an Indian name, and it would be a great Indian name.

I was going for more of something you would say to a bartender - originality with simplicity.

Some More suggestions:

- Udder Butter
- Choc O' licious
- Momma's Ghetto Milk
- KVCM (say it quickly - it's catchy; Pause at the K.)

Moriah said...

Excuse me, didn't you read my post? My suggestion is fabulous.

However, I do like Shot-colate Milk.

Eryka said...

Kahluan Kiss Kahlua Kiss (like chocolate kiss)
Hawaiian Cow
Kahluan Cow
Chcocolate Hawaiian

grace said...

Just so you know, you guys are making it difficult to be unbiased.

So I don't think we will be unbiased.

A winner will be chosen once we hear from all of the contestants (Mandy, this means you!)

- Justin said...

How bout...

'Sex On The Cow'?

Get it?

'Buttery Udder'? Then you'd have to add a little butterschotch schnapps which would just make it oh so better.

But if this is a biased competition I'm just wasting my fingers now... but naming stuff is fun ;)

- Justin said...

So... what's up with this? We all give suggestions and no winner has been announced?

What the heck?

grace said...

Justin, I think you might be a touch cranky today. You should eat some Peeps. They will sweeten you up... and possibly make you puke from all the sugar. Oohhh, or some spiced jelly beans. I love spiced jelly beans. Maybe I will try to create a drink that tastes like a spiced jelly bean next, especially since I'm not pregnant and don't feel the least bit bad about having a drink:)

Anyway, we will choose a winner by the end of the week.

But submissions are still open, so (Mandy!) if you come up with another name, go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Do I get to give a suggestion for a name? I think I can, especially since it seems to be a biased competition. My suggestion is a "Muddy Russian."

My argument for the name is as follows:

1. When it the drink is made with regular milk it is a White Russian, so the addition of chocolate would just muddy up the drink.

2. Russian girls are hot and muddy wrestling is hot, so what could be hotter than a muddy Russian.

3. Russian men a burly and girls think burly is hot so if they prove their burliness by pushing a truck out of the mud, that would be really hot, so again a muddy Russian is hot.

So in conclusion, I think you should vote for Muddy Russian it because it's never wrong to be hot.

Dr. John

Moriah said...

But Dr. John, is the drink HOT? From my understanding, it is cold (and if it isn't, it now sounds disgusting). You may need to rethink your logic.

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