Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feeling the pain?

Lily got declawed yesterday morning, and Abigail and I brought her home this evening. I expected her to be kind of down... bummed, taking it easy, lazy. I mean, she just had surgery... she just had her front paws partially amputated! She should be a little out of it, right?

Boy was I wrong! The good thing is I think she is excited to be home... she knows this is home, and she seems happy to be here. I have her cooped up in Abigail's bathroom because the vet said I had to keep her confined for a few days. I put up a little gate thing so that we could leave the door open and be able to check on her frequently. Abigail sat with her for a while, and soon they were playing (I think Abigail is growing on Lily. Ever since she got to have a sleepover with her in A's room, they seem to be getting along better.) Then, when A and I left her to go eat our dinner, she hopped the fence! Finally I decided I better just carry her around with me; she just wants to be with us all the time, and that is part of what I love about her.

Anyway, she is doing great. Here are some more pics of my girls.

Doesn't she look big from this angle?

Hey Lady, what's for eats?

Playing in Abigail's bathroom... yes, the entire room is pink and purple.

Me? Mischievous? No!

My girls. Lily(l) and Abigail (r). Just in case you didn't know.

"I think I like you. I think."
Lily is happy.

Abigail is silly!


Eryka said...

She looks like Ella's mommy!

Anonymous said...

I think it says a lot about Grace that she can send her pet away to have pieces remove and it comes back loving her more. Dr. John

Moriah said...

Your girls are so cute. But I want to know why both my friends decide to get cats considering both Josh and I are allergic? Are you trying to keep up away?

grace said...

Lily is not allowed in the guest room , and really spends most of her time in Abigail's room. So my house is not too catified. No more than your folks' house.

I could send her to Doctor John's house if you and Josh want to come visit! Please come visit! We could go to Hersheypark! And eat chocolate!

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