Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I love eggs!

When my mouth was sore and full of holes, I had the pleasure of eating Dr. John's scrambled eggs, which I will hereafter refer to as The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever. Again tonight, when he helped cook "breakfast for dinner" I was reminded how much I like them. So, I asked if he would share his recipe with us. Now, without further ado...

The Best Scramble Eggs Ever
by Dr. John

There is no secret ingredient to the best scramble eggs ever; you can use whatever recipe you normally use, but for the post I will use mine. However, there is a special technique. I say special because since I’m telling you, it really isn’t a secret.

The recipe:

4 eggs
2-3 ounces of milk
A palm of salt
A liberal sprinkling of black pepper

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a fork or a whisk until the eggs are an even light yellow.

Now for the special technique (it is a two part technique): care and patience.

The patience comes from using slightly less than medium heat (one click below medium on an electric stove and generally a slight turn below halfway on a gas stove). Place a ¼ thick pat of butter in the pan. Stir the butter until it begins to bubble all over the pan, not just in the center. Then pour the eggs in the pan.

Here comes the care part: you will need to stir the eggs often enough that they never form a solid layer on the bottom of the pan. It takes a little while to get the right amount of stirring. Too much stirring, you over aerate the egg and make foam like egg. Too little stirring, you get dried hard egg chunks. The heat from the bottom of the pan needs to cook the eggs, not the bottom of the pan. The eggs will begin to firm up and then rapidly become opaque. Once they are opaque stir more frequently to keep the heat evenly distributed. Stop stirring just before they reach your desired wetness and remove from the heat. The remaining heat in the eggs will complete cooking them.


Moriah said...

Sounds so yummy! Since Josh has biblestudy on Sat mornings we have lost our "big breakfast" together. I think I will need to institute breakfast for dinner soon.

grace said...

I think pert of why his eggs are so much better than mine is that he usrs BUTTER. And of course, EVERYTHING is better with butter!

Eryka said...

Grace, is the cat trying to "help" you write? haha! Breakfast for dinner is SO good, especially with pancakes and bacon.

grace said...

Mmm. And sausage patties. Not links, patties. With syrup on them. And a big glass of orange juice. Mmm.

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