Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How I Know I am a Grown Up

Yesterday, for dinner, I made fruit salad. And it was good.

Today, the leftover fruit salad is discolored and a bit mushy.

As a child, I literally used to gag when I had to eat mushy or discolored fruit.

Today, I simply closed my eyes and chewed really fast... and ate a whole bowl of it. And you know what? It still tasted good.

Also, and unrelatedly, I would like to point out that I can eat just one potato chip. I've got skills.


Moriah said...

You are a grown up. I most certainly would not have been able to do that.
And I am not sure if I am can eat just one M&M.

Mandalina said...

Wow... When fruit or salad start to look icky I toss it. I try to be a grown up but it doesn't always work. I'm impressed.

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