Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Question 4: Relationship

My motto? Give the people what they want! So here it is:

If there was one thing I knew from my first day of nursing school clinical it was this: I would never date a doctor.

One night in November, I was working in a little unit on the first floor. I was working a 3p-3a shift, and my shift was going pretty well. I only had 3 patients, 2 of whom were not only kind but also easy in terms of nursing care. One of them was not... not so kind, and not so easy in terms of nursing care. I will call him "Mr. Heffalump."

Mr. H. was a middle-aged gentleman with a whole host of health problems. One of his most significant problems was that he was non-compliant with his treatment. If told that he could never eat eggs if he wanted to recover, the first thing he would do as soon as you left the room was eat an egg. Mr. H. also had a host of psychological disorders including bipolar disorder, which left him with severe depression as a side effect of treatment. So severe that it frightened me to awake the man from a deep sleep because I thought he might wake up sleeping. And sleeping was another of his issues; he couldn't sleep, but when he did, he was OUT!

Throughout the night, Mr. H. made a series of odd requests, some of which I simply could not fulfill. He became agitated, and simply demanded more. Finally he demanded something just absurd. Mr. H. wanted to take mineral supplements as frequently and in whatever dose he desired! This is not only unheard of, but unsafe, especially in light of his delicate health (the only part of him that was delicate... did I mention the man towered over my head and weighed at least double what I do?)

So, since I was clearly not getting any closer to getting him what he wanted or at least getting him to calm down, I did what most nurses would do... I called in the big guns... I called in the DOCTOR.

After explaining the situation, the doctor agreed to see the patient, and I simply attempted to stay out of Mr. H.'s way. I was at a computer typing when someone sat down next to me. He was involved in a conversation with someone else, and I soon began interjecting comments. The other person left, and I was alone with the unknown man. At that point, all the frustrations of the night (which were many and varied but related primarily to Mr. H.) seemed to erupt into one feeling, and I blurted out "What the heck is wrong with doctors!?!"

The man sitting next to me laughed, and we started a great conversation. Later, he revealed that it was that first comment (combined with my fiery red hair and my all-around feisty personality) that confirmed in that moment that he could really like me... despite my doctor despair.

And that is how I met Doctor John.

See my disclaimer.


Eryka said...

So are you saying Dr. John's name is not John?!?! How dare you mislead me. Who is he then? I say lets call him Dr. Herbert. And when we really want to annoy him we can call him Herbie for short. I think that fits a 30 year old man, don't you?

Mandalina said...

heh heh heh, I remember that story! It's one of my favorites!

Tell it again! Nevermind. I'll just read it again.

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