Monday, June 25, 2007

Social Situation Review

So, the other night, Doctor John and I were at a party. Somehow, we ended up sitting around with group of guys and another girl and talking. Quite unexpectedly and unexplainedly, the guys (and by guys, I mean dudes who are all doctors and are at least 30 years old, minus John, but he's almost 30, so we will just say 30)arranged themselves in a semi-circle facing me. Someone decided that it would be a good idea to try to throw a peanut into my cup of soda. I insisted this was not a good idea and repeatedly squealed "stop it!" This resulted in significantly more peanuts being thrown at me... supposedly they were aiming at my cup, but either they have really bad aim, or the cup was not their target. This went on for quite some time, despite my protestations and my obvious discomfort and embarrassment. Also, despite the peanuts making a mess and hitting me in the face. I did eventually put my cup down (duh!) and still got pelted with the peanuts. They got mad when I blocked the peanuts with my hand. (FYI- John was equally guilty!)

During a little time that Doctor John likes to call "Social Situation Review" we discovered our opposing views of what was really occurring in this awkward social situation. I feel as though the guys involved in the pelting were doing so because they are big dorks and wanted to annoy me. The fact that it worked and that I got upset served to encourage them to continue the pelting. In shocking opposition, Doctor John feels that the guys involved in pelting me with peanuts (seriously, people, peanuts?) were in fact FLIRTING with me. Yes, I said flirting. Like how little boys on the playground pull the hair of the girl that they like. (Doctor John here. In support of my position,I offer this evidence: 1. Why else would they have moved to a higher elevation than her (it was totally for the arch on the throw, nothing to do with the boobs.)2.Peanut is very similar to another word men like to get into women's cups. 3.It wasn't pelting, it was adjusted aim. Let's just say when she jumped no one was looking at the cup.)

Yes, enough from Doctor John. Ahem. It's not like they aren't all doctors. Who have seen EVERYTHING! But I digress.

Now, perhaps these men do continue to socially exist in a pre-middle-school mindset, especially when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. This is, after all, central Pennsylvania (but John is the only native of the area. I might point out that he found the pelting to be even funnier than any of the other guys found it to be.) So, I appeal to you... the masses. What do you think was going on? (I think you will be able to tell who wrote the options below... Cuz I certainly didn't write one of them!)


Dr. John said...

Trust me they were flirting. That's all I have to say.

Eryka said...

They were flirting by annoying and agitating. Do boys flirt any other way? (NOTE term "boys")

Grace needs to relax. Or move out of pelting range. Grace, you should have pelted them back. When things back-fire on boys (note term boys because these doctors were not MEN) they get discouraged and find other avenues to annoy. The change can sometimes be refreshing to the female even though the actual act of annoyance is still occuring in some form.

Mandalina said...

I agree with Eryka here. Also, no matter how many breasts a man has seen he will always want to see more. It's quite beyond me. I think it's something in the Y chromosome.

Definitely make a stand for yourself. Pelt them back or simply walk away. Getting annoyed only feeds the fire.

So, now onto the important question. Were any of them hot? Besides Dr. John, of course.

- Justin said...

I'm not going to judge these guys based on peanut throwing. They very well could be men. I wouldn't devaule their manlieness based on the fact they like to throw peanuts in a cup. Why is it so wrong to play around and goof off these days? If I ever get a girlfriend or wife again I hope she's someone that can goof off with me. I don't think having the ability to goof off and have fun devalues what a true man or woman is.

Sometimes when a person gets annoyed initially at something that really shouldn't be a big deal it's fun to keep poking them in the same area.

What if we turned the question around and asked you Grace about your reaction to it? What does the fact that you would write such a long blog entry about this and need a social review session say about you? Also, why didn't you just start picking up the peanuts and pelting their cups or them back?

I think men like to flirt at times by being annoying, because it is one of the only ways to safely escalate emotions which could lead to other things. To flirt by being annoying you are protecting yourself. You already know that the other person may get mad so that gives you something to "fix" later on or if you react in a way that's not appealing they know that the door is closed and no further pursuit is needed. Typically, if a girl likes a guy she'll let him off the hook a little easier (letting the guy know the door is open).
Then if you're married (or if your not for most people these days it seems whether your Christian or not.) you get to have makeup sex which, I've heard, is the best sex around.

To flirt in a different way, a more direct way is a more courageous alternative. To be annoying and see how the other person takes it allows one to get to know another before putting himself out their on a limb. It's like cracking the door open just a little bit to see what's there instead of fully coming out and saying "Hey, I like you, do you want to go out." Because, the greatest fear for most guys is the fear of failure and rejection. Most guys want to know they won't be rejected before asking somebody out. Not all guys of course. You could get a guy that has an incredible amount of self-esteem to ask you out or he's just courageous or he doesn't care what you think about him so a "no" answer won't affect him much.

Blog Hogger - Out.

Moriah said...

I don't know what your problem was. I like to have nuts in my cup.

grace said...

First, Moriah, SINNER! You make me blush! Unless you really do like BBQ peanuts in your diet soda. In which case, I have a dirty mind.

Secondly, Mandy, I don't know if I would call any of them "hot." One was a surgical resident/jerkwad, average in attractiveness. Another was really cute, but I have never considered his hotness since he is a friend of John's. However, I will say that he defintily has that "international man of mystery" vibe working for him. He intrigues me. Anyway, I did eventually pelt them back... or rather I attempted to pelt them back (you know I am not the best with sports/throwing/aim). And I beat Dr. John with a leaf from a plant. He deserved it.

Third, Blog Hog, we goofed off much of the night. We had fun. We were silly; we laughed. I even saw one of the guys at work today and we joked around some more. It was only when people started pelting me with peanuts (you know, as in pelting me... with peanuts!) that I got annoyed, and even then, I was a pretty good sport and laughed about it, even though I was annoyed and embarassed. And what does it say about me that I wrote a blog about this? John brought it up the other day, we saw things differently, and I asked for opinions since I really don't understand that Y chromosome. Does it say something about me? What does it say? If you are trying to imply something, why not just say it? And, as mentioned above, I did pelt back (although my pelting was not extremely effective.) I do appreciate you insight to the annoying/flirting thing. I guess I haven't been on the receiving end of that terribly much (or at least didn't recognize it as flirting when it happened.) While I prefer the more direct approach (you know, the kind that doesn't make my face turn completly red or make me feel uncomfortable...) I can now see how guys would deem the annoyoflirt as a good tactic to feel out how the girl feels. I think all boys should receive this memo: It's annoying. Learn a new way to flirt.

And if it is flirting (which I guess I am beginning to see that it might be, but MAN, I really don't want Dr. John to win in the polls!) then what is with the group-flirt. Is this like group dancing? Or group dating? Like, we do it in numbers so no one gets hurt...?

- Justin said...

Not that I've been there, but maybe it goes back to primitave times and the possible fact that there's not many woman around where you live?

It's like pure raw wild animal nature took over. Plus the fact that more and more guys are losing their character by believing that you can fuck anything and have it not affect you but a notch on the belt... which, of course, is not true.

grace said...

Justin, are you saying that they would only flirt with me because I am their only option? Or because they are just animals?

That's kind of... rude and mean. And offensive.

Because what? They couldn't possibly find me interesting or attractive or just plain fun to flirt with?

Dr. John said...

The simple answer is that Grace is hot. Boys flirt with hot girls, even in Central PA. There were other hot girls there, just not as hot as Grace. Men might be animals, but these had good taste.

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