Saturday, March 31, 2007

Prissy, Pretty Princess

Lily is not prissy, but she is definitely a princess. Lately, she has taken to sitting/laying only on pillows if no lap is available. She lays on the pillows on my couch, she lays on the couch pillows that Abigail puts on the floor, and here, she is laying on Abigail's pillow with the canopy around it. Yep. She's a princess alright.
Also, after spending $25 to get Abigail's hair cut yesterday, I wake up to find that she had "fixed it up" a bit herself last night when I wasn't watching. (I would take a picture, but my batteries are dead.) And to top it off, she got the hair all over the living room carpet that I just vacuumed yesterday afternoon. Nice. I told her it looked funny and she would just have to live with it until it grew out. She laughed and said she liked things that are funny.
And to think, the weekend is only half way over.

Friday, March 30, 2007

"Blog that, Momma"

Often, as happened at dinner last night, someone will say or do something funny or interesting and I will turn to Doctor John or whoever is around and say "I have to blog that."
Last night, Abigail said something that she thought was funny, laughed at herself, and turned to me and said "you really have to blog that."
Does it sometimes scare you how much she is like me?
And do you sometimes wonder how long it will be until she starts a blog of her own?


Dinner Conversations 3/29/07

Grace: What do they do at the hospital?

Abigail: They make people better.

G: How do they do that?

A: They use tools.

G: What kind of tools?

A: A little mirror... and a fellascope... and a little thing that you can bang your knees on."

G: Clearly.

Grace: Are you okay?
Doctor John: Yeah, why?
G: Well, you just look full of rage.
DJ: No, not at all.
G: Um, okay.
Grace: What do you think the little mirror is for?
DJ: ...?
G: Maybe to show people they are overweight. Like "people, you should be able to see yourself in this little mirror. If you can't, you are overweight!"
DJ: That might be it. Welcome to Central Pennsylvania [the land of saturated fat]. Half the residents can't even see themselves in a full-length mirror. Is the melon for dessert?
G: No, it's for regular eating. The chocolate chip cookies are for dessert.

1 of 7

So, I was just checking out my "year end stats" on my Discover Card.

Turns out I charged almost $25,000 last year. And that was just my Discover Card. I have a Visa, too.

Does that make me guilty of one of the 7 deadly sins: greed?

In this case, I am going to go with no. Not guilty. Simply because anyone who knows me knows that I probably returned 75% of the things that I charged. And the other 25% was probably school and gas and daycare.

But still, I feel like "Whoa! $25,000!". I mean, for someone who was a full-time student for half the year, unemployed for over a month, and on sick leave from work for at least a month, that seems like an awful lot. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, $25,000 is not a terrible lot, especially because I charged almost everything I bought in 2006 to that card, but still.

Anyway, not really expecting comments on this. Just thought I would get it out there.

But as always, feel free to comment! Comments=love!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Done Dropping my Drawers

Remember this?

Well, here is a little update. So, I had the colposcopy, then I had the LEEP.

The bad news- I had severe cervical dysplasia, aka- carcinoma in situ, grade III.

The good news- It appears that the doctor got all of the offensive tissues during the LEEP, and I don't have cancer. I will be closely monitored for essentially the rest of all time, which is annoying, but I don't have cervical cancer!

So, I'm done dropping my drawers. At least for now. But check back in 3 months...

The Thrill of the Chase

I have a fly in my house. I know, it's only March, and I have a fly. And it's been here for almost a week. How did that happen?

Anyway, Lily is hunting it. While she stands on my legs and forearms between my body and my laptop screen. I am surprised I don't have more typos.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Please Pray!

Okay, you know how I have been really stressed out about all the crap that is going down at work? Well, I have been applying to other jobs, namely the Heart and Vascular ICU (HVICU) and the Medical ICU (MICU). I know that I don't want to go to the floor if at all possible; I just don't enjoy that area. So I started applying to critical care. But the response wasn't that good- they all seemed to be looking for someone with more experience. I was getting frustrated because I felt like this whole GN Float Pool thing was really being counted against me. I felt like I couldn't get out and that I would be forced into a position because there was nothing else available, not because it was a position that even remotely interested me.

So, I emailed the president of the union, and the Chief Nursing Officer (like, the boss of all nurses... kind of like the CFO or the CEO, but for nursing.) And I got a response.

A good response.

And I will probably have interviews with both the MICU and HVICU soon. So please pray. Pray that the interviews go well and that I will have the wisdom to choose the right position. And that I won't let myself be consumed with worry about this.


Look, everyone! The tulips in my front yard have started blooming! YEA! The first flowers of spring! The trees have buds, and every day the grass grows little more green. I am so glad it is spring!

It was so nice to be outside without having to wear a big coat!
Okay, doesn't she look so much older than 4? I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

Yes, so, Abigail is pretty much a little drama princess. In a good way. She love to pretend, and I wouldn't be at all suprised if she was interested in acting. Like mother like daughter, right?
So, anyway, yesterday we went to our first cookout of the season. It was at Dr. John's friends house, and it was so fun! Once we figured out where we needed to sit in order to be sitting in the sun (it was a touch to cool to sit in the shade, at least for the girls) it was so nice to just be outside and sit and talk (and eat) and just "soak up the sun." Most of the people there are in intern year, so they hardly ever have time to just sit and enjoy, let alone sit and enjoy IN THE SUNSHINE! And I know I never do, either, and that element of rarity just added even more to the enjoyment. Plus, the food was good. Mmm. Hopefully I will get some pics from the hostess to post for you- Abigail ended up covered in quite a bit of mud!
Also, when I got home from dropping Abigail off at day care this morning, Lily was practically sitting on my laptop! (She knows me so well; come home, check email, blog.) I came over to the couch and grabbed the laptop; she cried that I hadn't grabbed her first! Then, after a few minutes, she just jumped up onto the couch and crawled into my lap while I sat and uploaded the pics from my camera. Lily is a girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go and get it!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Once more, and this time, with feeling!

Also, just so you know, a recent survey I took revealed that Lenny Kravitz would be my ideal rock star boyfriend. Hmm. What do you think?


"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring."

Bern Williams


This is what I saw when Abigail called "Momma, I'm ready for bed!"
I don't think either one of them are asleep.
And neither one might fall asleep for a while.
But I am glad they are friends.

Friday, March 23, 2007


A winner has been chosen!

But first, let me say thank you to everyone who entered! I appreciate your hard work and dedication to making this drink a success. You are all winners:) (how PC do I sound?)

Allow me summarize the entries, and give you a little insight behind the decision-making process here at headquarters.

Entries are as follows:

Kicking Chocolate Cow (it is fabulous) (possibly Indian?)

Shot-colate Milk
Gender Mixer
Muddy Waters
Shot-quick Milk (phonetically tricky)
White Rabbit
Udder Butter
Choc O’licious
Momma’s Ghetto Milk
Sex On The Cow
Buttery Udder

Kahluan Kiss
Kahlua Kiss
Hawaiian Cow
Kahluan Cow
Chocolate Hawaiian

Dr. John (seriously, can you believe he is the only on I can't link to?):
Muddy Russian (hot- figuratively, not literally)

Some of the logic in choosing a name went like this…

Names ruled out because I can’t say them with a straight face:

Momma’s Ghetto Milk (seriously, it sounds like some mixed-up breast milk!)
Sex On The Cow (Dr. John suggested that people might hear “sex with the cow” and since then, I can’t help but giggle when I say it)
Hawaiian Cow/Kahluan Cow- (because of the above comment by Dr. John, I don’t think I can order any drinks with the word “cow” in it)
Choc O’licious (Fergielicious?)

Names ruled out because I can’t say them (or probably couldn’t say them properly if I had already had one of these and was ordering another):

Shot-quick Milk
KVCM (too many letters, and very, very difficult to order if you are dyslexic… it might come out KCVM or MVCK, the last of which makes me think of a MVC (motor vehicle crash) and so, um, sorry, but no.)

Names ruled out because I don’t want the word “udder” in this drink’s name:

Udder Butter
Buttery Udder

Names ruled out because I didn’t get the reference or I don’t think others would get the reference and I would have to explain the origin of the name, thus taking away from the coolness of the name/drink:

Gender Mixer
White Rabbit

After that, my logic gets a bit less defined, but what it all adds up to is this…

Second runner up: Justin with Shot-colate Milk
First runner up: Moriah with Kicking Chocolate Cow

Grand Prize Winner
: Dr. John with Muddy Russian

Things I like about this name:

1. Easy to say to a bartender, easy to order
2. Nice reference to the inspiration of the drink, the White Russian
3. Dr. John made a good argument about why it’s never wrong to be hot. I like to think I am hot. And a Muddy Russian could potentially be hot. I know that Muddy Spartans really hot!
4. I never said I wasn’t biased, and even though I don’t really think this name being chosen as winner reflects a bias, I think it does reflect my need to follow-through on the Fabulous Prize. It will be far easier to give Dr. John a Fabulous Prize, simply because of proximity. And also because he doesn’t expect much. I mean, I could make some quesadillas, open a can of corn, and throw some salad in a bowl and be like “Look, Dr. John! Here is your Fabulous Prize! I made you dinner!” And you know what? He’d be like “Thanks! You rock!” Because life as a resident isn’t that great and doesn’t give you very many small pleasures (or big pleasures, for that matter.)

So, please don't hate me if I didn't choose your name. And the next time you order a drink, please order a Muddy Russian... but only if you give us a hollaback!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feeling the pain?

Lily got declawed yesterday morning, and Abigail and I brought her home this evening. I expected her to be kind of down... bummed, taking it easy, lazy. I mean, she just had surgery... she just had her front paws partially amputated! She should be a little out of it, right?

Boy was I wrong! The good thing is I think she is excited to be home... she knows this is home, and she seems happy to be here. I have her cooped up in Abigail's bathroom because the vet said I had to keep her confined for a few days. I put up a little gate thing so that we could leave the door open and be able to check on her frequently. Abigail sat with her for a while, and soon they were playing (I think Abigail is growing on Lily. Ever since she got to have a sleepover with her in A's room, they seem to be getting along better.) Then, when A and I left her to go eat our dinner, she hopped the fence! Finally I decided I better just carry her around with me; she just wants to be with us all the time, and that is part of what I love about her.

Anyway, she is doing great. Here are some more pics of my girls.

Doesn't she look big from this angle?

Hey Lady, what's for eats?

Playing in Abigail's bathroom... yes, the entire room is pink and purple.

Me? Mischievous? No!

My girls. Lily(l) and Abigail (r). Just in case you didn't know.

"I think I like you. I think."
Lily is happy.

Abigail is silly!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I just want you all to know that I really, REALLY miss Shamrock Shakes.

A lot.

I went out of my way to eat many of them this season, hoping I would grow tired of them and not miss them as much when they were gone.

That didn't work.

But I think it did make me gain a few pounds.

It was totally worth it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I love eggs!

When my mouth was sore and full of holes, I had the pleasure of eating Dr. John's scrambled eggs, which I will hereafter refer to as The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever. Again tonight, when he helped cook "breakfast for dinner" I was reminded how much I like them. So, I asked if he would share his recipe with us. Now, without further ado...

The Best Scramble Eggs Ever
by Dr. John

There is no secret ingredient to the best scramble eggs ever; you can use whatever recipe you normally use, but for the post I will use mine. However, there is a special technique. I say special because since I’m telling you, it really isn’t a secret.

The recipe:

4 eggs
2-3 ounces of milk
A palm of salt
A liberal sprinkling of black pepper

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a fork or a whisk until the eggs are an even light yellow.

Now for the special technique (it is a two part technique): care and patience.

The patience comes from using slightly less than medium heat (one click below medium on an electric stove and generally a slight turn below halfway on a gas stove). Place a ¼ thick pat of butter in the pan. Stir the butter until it begins to bubble all over the pan, not just in the center. Then pour the eggs in the pan.

Here comes the care part: you will need to stir the eggs often enough that they never form a solid layer on the bottom of the pan. It takes a little while to get the right amount of stirring. Too much stirring, you over aerate the egg and make foam like egg. Too little stirring, you get dried hard egg chunks. The heat from the bottom of the pan needs to cook the eggs, not the bottom of the pan. The eggs will begin to firm up and then rapidly become opaque. Once they are opaque stir more frequently to keep the heat evenly distributed. Stop stirring just before they reach your desired wetness and remove from the heat. The remaining heat in the eggs will complete cooking them.


She's here!
Meet the newest addition to our family...

This is Lily. As in Lily Evans, for all you Muggles out there!

Lily is about two years old. I adopted her from PAWS. When they found her, she was homeless and her tail was infected. She later had to have part of it amputated. But now she is healthy and home with us! She weighs in just over 6 lbs. (about the same as Abigail when she was born) so she is pretty small for an adult cat. But I think she is just the right size- baby size!

Lily is kind of scared of Abigail... partially because Abigail is so, well, not exactly calm.

But she is also scared of her because Lily is scared of just about everything. This is her hiding behind the couch.

She may be shy, but she is smart, too. She's looking at Doctor John in this picture... and she's not impressed at all!

Lily is gray with black stripes, white feet, and a white hourglass on her nose/forehead. Her eyes are a lovely bright, light green.

This is me climbing under the furniture to try to catch Lily before I went to work her first night home. Being a novice pet owner, I am fairly open to suggestion...

I think Doctor John really exploited me when he told mt that crawling under the furniture was how all pet owners catch their pets. It didn't work, and we had to move the couch to get her. She has since taken to hiding under Abigail's bed which is better because she now will come out when I look at her and call her name.

Lily is a lap cat. This is her trying to share my lap with my laptop as I am blogging right now. She loves to be held and pet, and thankfully, I have long arms so I can accommodate!

She is adjusting well (only one minor biting incident, which was more curiosity and was not aggressive in any way.) She is still pretty timid and shy, but more and more she is coming out of her shell and starting to explore and play. Yea! But I am still pretty much her favorite. And she seems happy being my little baby!

Word Acquisition

Perhaps this is something I need to work on more with Abigail. Especially since she has been saying things like this...

"Your hair is so dingley!" (Not sure exactly what dingley means.)

"She is really playful, like a door!" (How exactly are doors playful?)

And then there is this, not so much language acquisition as manners-

Abigail: "You need to take a shower."

Kristyne(the babysitter): "I do? Why?"

Abigail: "Because if you don't, you'll stink in the morning!"

This kid is such a goof!

Friday, March 16, 2007


So, I'm letting you all in on a big secret: very soon we will have a new addition to the Kirk family.

It's a girl, and I've already picked out the name.

I'm excited; I hope you are, too!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Enter to Win a Fabulous Prize!

In our tradition of mixing chocolate milk with just about everything, Doctor John and I have created a new drink. And we need your help to name it!

The recipe is as follows:

1 part Kahlua
1 part Vodka
1 part Chocolate Milk

It's like a White Russian, except chocolate milk instead of cream. Mmm.

So, submit your recommendations for a name. We will pick the winner, take all the credit for the clever name, and give you a fabulous prize!*

No limit to entries, so enter as much as you wish!

*Fabulous Prize= a prize we decide you should get, that we decide is fabulous.


So, last night Doctor John, Lowell (one of the peds interns) and I went on a date.

Actually, Lowell asked Doctor John to go on a date, and I tagged along*.

We went to see 300.

Interesting story, based on historical events, kind of gory/bloody, good special effects, some really funny one-liners.

And, mm. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Some seriously nice man-parts. Abs, thighs, and one really nice tush shot. A few cute faces, too. I like Spartans:)

Seriously, all the way home, Doctor John and Lowell were all "I feel inadequate as a man" and I was all "Shh! Let me just sit back and enjoy those fine specimens!."

Mmm. Might have to buy the DVD. Because this is right up there with Darcy ripping off his shirt and jumping into the pond in P&P. Except, it's like there are 300 Darcys.

*Seriously, not a "date." Lowell just didn't think to ask both of us, probably because he thought I wouldn't want to see this movie. And to be honest, I did keep my eyes shut for about half the movie because, um, eww! But then, there was the mmm, too!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feeling slightly more inspired...

So, I'm not sure if it's just because we work together and he can, or because he is a nice guy, or because I'm so stinking hot, but my PCP (primary care physician) just emailed me at my work email to make sure I was okay! He saw that I stopped by the clinic over the weekend, and he just wanted to check in and make sure everything was alright.

I'm guessing it's because I'm hot.


Because I am too tired, stressed with homework, and just plain lazy to write something unique, I give you more quotes.

Doctor John: What's that on your nose?
Grace: I don't know. Food? A booger?
DJ: It's chili! It looks like a big chili zit!
G: (blank look) Uh, gee... thanks. Chili zit.

When discussing the comments on this post:
What he said- "I don't think you actually want me to be sweet because it would make you feel bad about being mean to me."

What I heard- "I don't think you actually want me to be sweet because it would make you feel bad about being you."


"...resilience cannot be seen as a fixed attribute of the individual. Those people who cope successfully with difficulties at one point in their life may react adversely to other stress when their situation is different. If circumstances change, resilience alters."

"Rural Woman Abuse and Sexually Transmitted Disease: An Ethical Analysis of Clinical Dilemmas"

Jane Dimmitt Champion, Kathyryn Artnak, Rochelle Shain, Jeanna Piper

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Better to Give...

and boy, did they give!

The dentist (horrible, lying man!) gave me the impression that having my wisdom teeth out wouldn't be that bad... I'd be fine in a day or two.

Then he gave me four gaping holes in my mouth.

Then he gave me inflamed tonsils and several stabs/traumas to my mucosa.

Then he gave himself a three-day weekend with no emergency contact number.

And then... a true gift...

Then the lovely doctor at my family practice walk-in weekend clinic gave me Vicodin. (to replace the Tylenol with Codine that wasn't working... and that I was out of, anyway.)

And I gave the Vicodin to myself every six hours, and it was good (or at least bearable!)

And another true gift... being on the Vicodin gives me days off work (because I am not allowed to be at work if I am taking anything stronger than Tylenol or ibuprofen.)

Really, it is better to give than to receive, and having my wisdom teeth out seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Friday, March 02, 2007

While making something "hot" to drink...

"I like my Chai like I like my women: slightly spicy and not sugar-coated."

-Doctor John
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