Monday, April 30, 2007

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

No idea how that title relates to this post at all. I just stared at the "Title" line, and my fingers just typed that, seemingly without thought. Maybe I am a blank slate.

Anyway, I am sad. And a little frightened. Of my ex-hubby. Or rather, of the fact that he wants to have Abigail stay with him for the entire month of June!

I am really freaking out while trying to act calm, because legally, he has that right. He can actually take her for up to 7 consecutive weeks over the summer per our parenting agreement. I just never thought he would want to do so. And if I was only a few miles away and got to still see her a couple times a week, it wouldn't be so bad. But I can't because I am stinking in the middle of Pennsylvania! This sucks.

Besides, she has a dentist appointment on June 20. It takes months to get an appointment with my dentist. She can't miss that!

My only condolence: it will be better after she starts school this fall. And my mom will be able to see her every other weekend and overnight once a week. Oh, and the TONS of overtime I will be able to work (hello new car and my Seattle vaca!)

Also, I have just discovered soft corn tortillas at my local Walmart. Since we don't have a very large Latino population in Hershey, I think some people didn't even realize that such a food was even made, let alone the BEST way to enjoy a taco, fajita, or quesadilla. Now my mouth will be happy. Even if my heart isn't.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where's the Chalk?

Dr. John: Girls should tell guys exactly what they want.

Grace: I want you to learn how to read my mind.

Dr. John: It's hard to read a blank slate.

Friday, April 27, 2007



I did it.

I gave in.

I'm on myspace now.

Are you people happy yet?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How I Know I am a Grown Up

Yesterday, for dinner, I made fruit salad. And it was good.

Today, the leftover fruit salad is discolored and a bit mushy.

As a child, I literally used to gag when I had to eat mushy or discolored fruit.

Today, I simply closed my eyes and chewed really fast... and ate a whole bowl of it. And you know what? It still tasted good.

Also, and unrelatedly, I would like to point out that I can eat just one potato chip. I've got skills.

I'm not Knocked Up! (Nor do I intend to be!)

So, the other week you might remember that Dr. John's mom took Abigail and I to see Disney on Ice. No? You don't remember? Maybe that's because I don't think I've actually mentioned it on my blog.

Anyway, we went, we left, we ate, and we took Dr. John some food. I showed Elaine around the IMC where I will be working, and then we went across the hall to the ICU where Dr. John has practically lived this past month.

This is where it gets good.

So, we walk in, and Abigail, being SO EXCITED about having just seen Disney on Ice, runs over to Dr. John and he picks her up and they start talking about all the Disney stuff. So, picture in your mind this picture: Dr. John, standing in a group of colleagues (known as "The Team"), holding Abigail while his mother and I walk up to the group. Let me replay the conversation from there:

Grace: Hi.

Elaine: Hi John. (Carrying bag of food)

Dr. John: Hi Mom! (Eyes bag of food)

Someone from The Team: Oh, John, is she yours? (indicating Abigail.)

Dr. John: Uh, no.

Grace: Are you kidding? You think something that cute came from him? (Why am I so mean?) Just kidding. No, she's mine.

Elaine: No, we don't have any grandchildren... but we're working on it!

The Team all stares at me, stealing glaces at my belly.

I blush.

Dr. John: (as if something very awkward was not just said) So, Mom, what's for lunch?

Yes. So. That was awkward! I felt like saying- "We are? Who's we? How come I didn't know about this plan?" I feel fairly certain that Elaine was referring to her daughter who is getting close to getting engaged, but still. These people didn't know that!

And, of course, Dr. John had NO CLUE about what was going on and why my face was that red!

So, yeah. Hmm. Moving on....

I Win! (hahaha!) alternately titled: Happy Birthday Meg!

Remember when I was upset because I couldn't figure out what to wear and Dr. John was refusing to wear a tie?

Well, haha! I win! After much reasoning (and really, that is what it was- simply pointing out the facts about the expectations for his appearance at such an event... it was NOT nagging), John and I struck up a deal: he would wear a tie if his "fashion advisor" told him he should, but if the "fashion advisor" said it was not necessary, I would drop it. Deal.

So, John consulted with his Most Holy and Trusted Fashion Advisor and International Fashion Marketing Whiz/ex-girlfriend/current housemate (I know, she makes me feel a little funny, too) and The Meg sent down her ruling, and I WON!

So, Dr. John has agreed to wear a tie. But I still have no clue what I am supposed to wear.

And I saved this post (even though it happened a few days ago) in order to post it on this auspicious occasion, the birthday of the Most Holy and Trusted Fashion Advisor and International Fashion Marketing Whiz/ex-girlfriend/housemate. Happy Birthday, Meg! *

* I feel like this is a little silly, because Meg really doesn't know much about me other than that I make really good brownies because she doesn't want to meet me. Sigh. It makes me sad. Like, she doesn't even know me and she already doesn't like me. And I'm sure she doesn't, and will not, read my blog, but still. You know me. I want everyone to like me. So I offer up this birthday wish, knowing that she won't see it. Oh well, at least I will always be younger than her:)

Monday, April 23, 2007


"...random event are independent. Consequently what happens in one trail has no impact on what will happen in future trials."

"Probability and Coincidences" G.S. Kresge

Thank God that's only true in statistics!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mind Blowing!

Have you heard about Diet Coke Plus?

I tried some at Target today... seriously, this is mind-blowing stuff!

I like it:)

70s and Sunny

That's always a good way to start a Saturday:)

We had such a good day yesterday.

The day started when I woke up, opened the windows and the balcony door, and sat down to a relaxed breakfast with Abigail. Then I whipped up some brownies and cleaned the house. I do love having a clean house! And with the fresh spring air blowing in, I felt renewed.

Doctor John and his parents came over around noon and we went out to lunch at the Macaroni Grill. John's mom has been wanting to try it for quite some time, and might I say, good choice Elaine! We had the Brick Oven Formaggio for a starter and I had the Vodka Rustica; so YUMMY! (And now I get to have leftovers for lunch today- yea!) Then we did some shopping, enjoying the fresh air as we strolled. So many cute spring dresses this year!

After that, we looked into seeing a movie, but there wasn't anything interesting and kid-friendly out. So we headed back to my house (good thing I cleaned, eh?) and visited while Abigail napped. We ate some of the yummy cookies and chocolate-peanut butter eggs that Elaine had made for John. The conversation was good (as it is prone to be when you get 2 nurses, a doctor, and a man who works for a pharmaceutical company together:) I love that I can just throw out sentences like "he had a CABG" or "they dropped an NG" and there are no explanations needed. Not to mention that talking to these people makes me so much more aware of health care as a whole, not just bedside hospital-based nursing. It expands my mind, you know?

After Doctor John's folks took off, we headed out and did some shopping. I got some cool stuff for my house, and Doctor John bought me a dress:) He was under strict orders to not let me buy any dresses for myself (unless I found one for the wedding) because I have more dresses than I can really justify for someone who spends a significant quantity of time in scrubs. So, since this dress was adorable and fit well but I couldn't buy it, it was a little "early happy birthday to me!" Can't wait to wear it! Then we went to Target. I love that place. I bought all sorts of stuff, including my new Kone which will be so handy for vacuuming my stairs and near the litter box. I also got placemats. Hooray! And Tide! What fun!

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but happy. And this morning, Abigail even let me sleep in til 9am:) So we are enjoying another beautiful day again. We are heading out to buy Abigail some spring/summer clothes, and we are going to the family service at church tonight. When I get home I will submit my final Statistics assignment; after that, one more test and I'm DONE (until I have to take STAT 200.) I am also done with Nursing 390, and looking forward to having a few weeks off of school before summer semester starts. Hope your weekend is going as nicely as ours!

P.S.- I forgot to tell you that for dinner we went to an awesome Chinese buffet. Seriously, I should not be allowed to eat at buffets. It is exceptionally difficult to not over-eat at a buffet. The food was really tasty, and at the end of dinner, I got a lovely little note from Doctor John that read...

"I felt at peace and very happy every time I saw you walking back to the table."

He must have felt very peaceful and happy- I made a lot of trips:) My fortune read...

"Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you."

And when I looked at Abigail who was sitting next to me, I knew it was true:)

The End.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter- The Motherload!

Happy Easter!

Mandy and I picked Eryka up from O'Hare. This is Eryka with her invisible friend in the back seat of Mandy's car. Before we picked her up, Mandy and I went shopping, got smoothies, and shared some girly/nursing talk. I love that I have a friend that is not only great and funny and kind and caring, but she can appreciate the stink of MRSA urine and contemplate the difficulties of taking a BP on a patient with multiple A-V fistulas and a PICC! Mandy is great!

Mandy is also a crotch-watcher. This is Mandy's crotch. She might kill me now.
We went to here for lunch. Mmm. I long for Lalos! They need to open a restaurant in Hershey!
Mandy and Eryka enjoyed a beer. This photo is not blurry; Eryka is just so sloshed that the photo looks blurry. Just kidding!
Eryka employed the word wand.
Why is Mandy giggling?
Because we took this picture... and a picture of what was up that thing's nose! We are dorks.
Eryka FINALLY got to meet Charis! Children are moving targets and hard to photograph.
Charis, Eryka, and Abigail.
Abigail with Eryka and the shirt she gave her for Christmas:)
Mandy and Abigail
Abigail and Moriah
Moriah knows how to spice things up!
Grace and Charis
Charis watching her Momma do something funny... like walk, or talk, or just stand there.
Charis knows boobs are useful. Her Momma's boobs provide her with vital nutrients. Here, Mandy's boobs are acting as an armrest. With boobs it's never form versus function, it's form and function!
The Kirk ladies on Easter morning.
One of the rare photos where Abigail actually looks her age! She is growing up so quickly.
Abigail's Easter dress, hat, purse, and shoes.
We went to my Aunt Carol's house for Easter lunch. Abigail got to play with Murphy.
Then we had an Easter egg hunt. Can you find the egg?
On Monday, I drove out to St. Charles to have lunch with Moriah, Eryka, and Charis at Bennigan's where Josh works. This is me looking all cool. I'm a stud.
On the way to lunch I saw this truck. How apropos. (For those of you who don't know, Moriah's maiden name is Ferrell.)
I saw it; Eryka smelled it. Just kidding! I think that is the face Eryka made when she saw how greasy our lunch was. But so tasty! No wonder my cholesterol is going up!

While we ate our food, Charis ate her thumb. Yummy!

Eye'm done! (haha- it's a pun!)

Favorite non-vestibule quote:

"It's like, smoothie, smoothie, smoothie, CHUNK!"

Favorite non-caffeine purchase:

The Alchemist

Approximate number of times I "got a coffee" during the weekend:


Favorite Abigail mispronunciation:

Tuxi (instead of taxi)

Favorite meal of trip:


Easter lunch, Thai food, and Lalos

Biggest improvement from Christmas trip:

Having my own bed, all to myself, for the entire trip/not having to sleep on the couch

Favorite thing about being home:

My bed/my thermostat

Check out more pics on Flickr!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


If the Easter post complete with narration and pictures is the main course, here is a little snack... Abigail playing dress-up as shot by her babysitter...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Words are cheap...

...which is why I don't hesitate to promise that I will post Easter pics and trip summary this week.

Because we all know I am a cheapskate.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Work-ed Out

So, you know all this crazy work crap?

It's done. At least the crazy crap part. The work, that's still there:)

And how did it all pan out, you may ask? Well, I will be working in the MIMCU- medical intermediate care unit. It is the unit between ICU and floor status. Eventually I can cross-train to the ICU if I want. I think it will be good- the MIMCU was really of interest to me, but I didn't think they were hiring. But yet, the are. And on Friday, April 13 at 9:17am, they hired me.

The best part? The job is three 12s so I have four days off a week (enough time to pick up a day of overtime and still have time for school and fun. I see a new vehicle in my future with that kind of overtime:) And, once the unit is adequately staffed (they are short but actively hiring) I will probably go from a rotating days/nights to a straight day shift! AND with adequate staffing comes the opportunity to work only every third weekend rather than every other weekend. YEA!

God is good.

I'll let you know when my start-date will be. I think it will be right around Memorial Day.

Yea again!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just a short post before I take a nap and head to work. A full disclosure will occur at some point this week, depending on how difficult the STATs homework is (yea that statistics will be over in about 2 weeks!)

Thoughts at 2am:

As I rounded the corner towards baggage claim, the bittersweet pang was my companion.

But this time, it was not because of him, but rather because of life... of the passage of time... of the process of becoming.

I navigated my way from BWI, the midnight traffic sparse. I had no map, but still, I knew my way; I hoped that my life would ever be like that.

I pointed my car North on Rt. 83, and smiled as each mile marker brought me closer to home.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I should be packing...

But I wanted to tell you that I'm so sad to leave Lily behind.

She and I were cuddling just now. I haven't seen her much in the past few days because I have been working so much, but I really like her.

She love to sit in my lap and have me pet her- especially on her cheeks and forehead. If I pause in the petting for even a moment, she will stop purring, turn and look at me, and decide if I am going to continue petting her or not. If she decides I am, she will force her head under my hand, no matter where it is. If she decides I am not going to pet her anymore, she will throw herself against my chest and nuzzel into me.

I know. She's cute:)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Let's play dress-up!

So, Dr. John invited me to attend a wedding with him. The wedding is a big, elaborate Indian wedding, and I am stressing about what to wear. The wedding itself is in the morning, so I have something for that, but the reception is in the grand ballroom of a hotel and the invitation says "formal attire." So, what does that mean? (The wedding is in June.)

Something like this?

This in a different color?

This is cute- but is it right for a wedding?

Something like this- but again, a different color?

I really like this, but is it too old for me?

This is cute, too.

I think I am leaning more towards this length...

Do I dare to go strapless?

And someone said that there are rules about what colors you can wear to an Indian wedding... ahhh!

And the icing on the cake? John is refusing to wear a tie. To an event that clearly states "formal attire." Which makes me feel even more strange about picking what to wear!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Extended Forecast

I just checked to see what the weather will be like in Chicago when I head out later this week. Let me just say, I am not terribly excited about it. Mid-40s and wet/snowy. Typical Chicago!

And, of course, those will be the days where I am awake and ready to participate in life. It figures that the mid-70s and sunny that we will be having here tomorrow and Tuesday will occur on the days that I need to sleep all day and am a half-zombie because I am working 52 hours in 5 days.

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