Wednesday, February 06, 2008


That's how much money Abigail has in her piggy bank. She really wanted to count it all this morning (inspired, I think, by the recent introduction of money in the kindergarten math cirriculum at school.) The kid has more cold, hard cash than I do.

I really hate the smell your hands take on after handling coins. I've washed my hands about 4 times now, and they still smell.


Eryka said...

How does Abigail get the money to put in her piggy bank? Is it your pocket change? Or is it money she earns? Or is it money given to her by your sister or mom?

Don't let her spend it all in one place.

graceling said...

In general, the money she has is money she has been given (birthday or Christmas gifts) or pocket change. She does not yet earn money (holding off on an "allowance" until she better understands the value of money.) It may also have been money she found (Doctor John is notorious for dropping coins out of his pocket when he plays on the floor, and Abigail always finds them!)

She plans on using her money to buy something for the orphans when we travel to Ethiopia (I think she wants to take stickers for them, or maybe candy...) She also is allowed to use some of her money for toys at garage sales. She does not usually use her money otherwise, she just likes to count it and hear it shake inside her piggy bank:)

elj377 said...

To get rid of that nasty money smell...put it in your dishwasher...the heat and soap make money so much better! Then your hands don't stink!

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