Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Check Up

This morning, I mentioned to Abigail that my arm was hurting a bit (from the shot I got yesterday.) She immediately became "Doctor Abigail" and insisted that she give me a check up. She did the usual, checking my temperature, looking in the back of my throat, checking my blood pressure, and listening to my heart. Then, not sure what the "beeper" in her kit was supposed to do, she insisted that I watch "the big screen TV" and proceeded to turn it on using the buttons on the beeper.

What was I watching? Well, I was watching about eating healthy. The rules for eating healthy, per Dr. Abigail, include:
*Eat your dinner and your vegetables
*Only eat a small amount of dessert every day
*Always only eat a little dessert to make your heart healthy

She wanted to provide me with some other educational materials, so she offered me a choice of 2 titles: "Harry Potter" and "Health Care." Since I was supposed to be getting healthier, I chose "Health Care" which she then read to me. The content goes something like this:
It's important to be healthy and to see your doctor and your nurse. And if you are sick you have to take your medicine and get shots. And you get shots so that you don't get more sick. You have to get lots of medicine when you are sick."

Next she decided that in order to treat my headache (I didn't know I had one) she needed to give me 3 shots. The first shot was so that I wouldn't get a headache in Ethiopia, and the other 2 were to make my headache go away.

Finally, her parting "doctors orders" went something like this:
It's important that you get rest every day and that in the afternoon you take a rest. So when you take your break, you need to leave the hospital and come here and lay down for a few minutes. And then you can take a rest and when you get up you will be refreshed (she was very proud of using this word) and you can go back to work and take care of your patients.

Oh, Abigail, how I wish...

While on the topic of cute (and odd) things that Abigail says:

Sitting at the table in Friendly's last night, Abigail suddenly cringed and dissolved into a puddle of wails and tears.

Me: What's wrong?

Abigail: My vagina hurts!

Me: It does? Let's go to the potty (we had already been there before we were seated and everything seemed normal, so I was kind of freaked out.)

Abigail: I can feel it coming up!

Me: What? What can you feel?

Abigail: I can feel my potty coming up to the potty place!

(Mind you, this whole conversation is taking place in a crowded restaurant while Abigail sobs uncontrollably and talks in a louder-than-normal voice. Embarrassment is a parent's middle name.)

Long story short, we got to the bathroom, and she does some business (and not vagina business, if you know what I am saying.) We end up having to go back to the bathroom to do the same business before we leave, and shortly after we arrive home, she does more business. First thing this morning, she did business, and again before we left for school. Maybe she has some sort of stomach bug? Or could this be a side-effect from the Typhoid shot she got yesterday? We may never know.

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elj377 said...

It might be a urinary tract infection if it continues happening take her in to check it out...peeing a lot is one of the signs..when I taught preschool one of my students had this problem frequently and we could tell because of the increased need to go to the bathroom and the odd statements being made!

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