Wednesday, February 06, 2008

When There's No Place Like Home

Brianna recently wrote a series of 2 posts in reaction to this Newsweek article. The article discusses the role that UNICEF is taking in discouraging intercountry adoptions by taking the viewpoint that it is best for kids to stay within their own country and culture when being adopted.

Of course, as I learn more and more about adoption, I cannot help but agree that kids should, when possible, remain within their own country/culture. Brianna does a good job articulating a "good, better, best" senario ("best" being that kids are able to remain with their own parents or within their own family.)

However, it is simply unrealistic to think that the 6 million orphans in Ethiopia would ever be able to be adopted within their own country. There are just too many kids, and not enough resources. Again, I would refer you to Brianna's post- she does a great job explaining why intercountry adoption is still a good option, even though it's not the "better" or "best" option.

This is something that I see presented as a concern of most adoptive parents, and it is closely tied to ethical adoptions. I encourage you to read the article, read Brianna's reaction, and tell me what YOUR thoughts are. I am still sorting mine out. Like most adoption topics, heck, most parenting topics, I don't know if there is black and white on this issue. I see a lot of gray.

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