Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talking Pennsylvania Style

Abigail was typing a comment on her Gagie's blog when I discovered that my daughter speaks Pennsylvanian.

Abigail: Momma, how do you spell "fur?"

Me: Do you mean "for" or "fur"?

Abigail: "Fur." You know, like "I am getting new bunkbeds fur my sister."

Me: I think you mean "for."

Abigail: No, fur. That's what everyone says!

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Eryka said...

Many things to say. This his hilarious. I shared this story with my sixth graders today as we reviewed reflexive and intensive pronouns. I told them different parts of the country have ways of speaking that can complicate writing when you get to grammar and spelling. In the midwest, we OFTEN misuse the reflexive pronoun.

Anyway, on a different note, I'm sorry I never got back to Abigail about school. If she would like to call me on Friday, I would be happy to tell her all I know about school and help her understand principals.

love you. Wish you could join me in Hawaii. If only money grew on trees. Have you tried lotto lately?

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