Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Added to my To Do List

Things have gotten desparate. When you wear your "fat day" jeans every day, it's time to do something about it. I guess this is what I get for living in the land of Saturated Fat.

I ordered an elliptical last night. Should be here next week. Gives me plenty of time to get in shape before I go to Ethiopia!


Faith said...

How come my pictures are so far apart in my post?? I tried to delete the lines that didn't work!

Faith said...

I just added my picture. I thought I'd comment so I could see what it looks like.

- Justin said...

Hey Grace,

I just wanted to say that Saurated Fat has botten a bad rap.

It actually is some of the healthiest types of food for you.

I've been getting into a lot more holistic types of health and also reading this amazing book that challenges politically correct nutrition.

Grace, I've always known you to be a very intelligent person who seeks out the real truth. I encourage you to get the book Nourishing Traditions.
Check it out.

It has been an eye opener for me. When you really look into the history of things over time and not just let things be "how they've been" because that's how we were raised and what's been fed to us through the advertising.

graceling said...

Justin, after taking a semester long class about nutrition, (and even before that) I know that both fat and cholesterol are important components of our diet. In fact, in the hospital, we have to supplement fats in peoples diet when they are unable to take a normal diet.

However, the problem lies not in the fat itself, but rather our excessive intake of fat in relation to our expened energy. 100 years ago, farmers in Central Pennsylvania worked the fields 10 hours a day, doing a physically demanding job. They ate a diet high in fat, and they didn't die of heart attacks, because the diet was necessary to meet their energy expenditures.

However, these days, the diet has not changed much, while the energy expenditure has. We have desk jobs, drive cars everywhere, ride escalators at the mall, and our favorite hobby is chilling in front of the TV. A lifestyle low in energy expenditure requires much less energy intake, and yet, the diet is unchanged. So, all that extra energy we take in ends up leading to some very bad health consequences.

And when your patient population is, on the whole and with very few exceptions, morbidly obese, it does cause intense reflection on the role of nutrition and exercise in your own life.

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