Thursday, May 01, 2008

Joy Comes In The Morning (Perspective)

I am a beloved child of the Most High God. He created me because I bring him pleasure, and he loves me so much that he sings over me.

God's plan is always perfect, and he is using my life and my ups and downs to set the stage for a revelation that will bring him glory.

God designed women for marriage; he designed Eve to be Adam's right hand. To want to be married is to want what God designed me for. To want what is right.

Through the heartbreaks and devatations of that relationship, God has brought me to a much better place and many wonderful, fulfilling relationships.

(Thanks to Ruthie, Jess, and Jennifer for reminding me of these things.)

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Eryka said...

IF you haven't done it yet, read that Captivating book. If you have read it, read it again. I am. It's great!

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