Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th.

Personally, I don't attach any significance to this date (although, in my line of work, I have noticed that the ER seems to get more traffic- and strange issues- on Friday the 13th. But I think for many of these patients, their illnesses are self-induced, either from stress, or from engaging in behaviors they would not engage in, simply because of the date. But I digress.)

So, I don't attach any significance to this date, but I know some do. At any rate, it is Friday! I am off today, the whole weekend, and Monday, so this is a nice, long, relaxing weekend for me.

And just to celebrate Friday (and hopefully some good news that involves families making it though court!) here is a little something you might enjoy:)


DC said...

Thanks for the heads up on this list! I'm emailing you now. :)

Mrs. Kensington said...


msl said...

Grace, Your new list is great!! I was wondering why the old one had suddenly disappeared and checked your blog. So sorry about all the drama - I'll be joining the new group.

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