Monday, August 25, 2008

500/ First

Someone looks pleased. Is it me? Am I pleased because this is my 500th post on this blog? No, it's Abigail. She is pleased because it is her first day of first grade!

Also, she is pleased because she had this fabulous new pony outfit to wear on her first day, complete with matching socks and hair bows, courtesy of Mrs. Showalter. The girl looked good, and she knew it!

This is her sparkly, pink, Barbie backpack that she picked out with Gaga during her visit a few weeks ago. She had her completed homework inside (yes, she was given homework even before school started. I kid you not.)

Here she is ready to walk into the doorway of the rest of her life. In truth, she skipped into it, so excited that she actually forgot to give me a hug and a kiss before she took off! Thankfully, she is still young enough that I called her back over and got my fix before she left for the day:)
I did not cry. Well, not where anyone could see me. And not much.

After riding the bus to after-school care, I picked up Abigail and we went out for a first-day-of-the-year treat (it was my first day back, too. Just 3 classes stand between me and graduation! Can I get a woot-woot!?!)

No treat is complete without ice cream! (This photo take just before she spilled the whole thing. Blame it on the sun in her eyes.)
So, how was her first day? Here it is- in her own words:

BTW- funniest thing ever: I asked her what she had at lunch (she buys lunch) and she said one of the things was "croutons with ketchup." I could not figure out why they would serve croutons with ketchup. Turns out she meant tater-tots. That makes much more sense:)

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Dawn said...

Today was our son's 1st Day of 1st Grade also (our daughter is in 5th). Looks like she was ready to tackle the day! Glad it went so well. I love the emphasis on tomorrow's lunch...How cute!!

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