Monday, October 27, 2008

Facial Fun(gus)

On Thursday I thought I felt a pimple on my cheek, right where my cheek meets my ear. It was raised, but I didn't think much of it. By Friday it was itching like mad. I wondered where I could have gotten a mosquito bite this late in the year. By Friday night, the skin felt funny under my finger... rough and scaly. So I investigated further (this is actually a really difficult part of your face to see. Go try it.)

I got a good look, and immediately washed my hands. I couldn't wait for John to come over to confirm my suspicions.

Let me tell you, John and I do enjoy a fair amount of "insult humor." We know the things that each other is sensitive about, and we don't joke about those things. But he teases me about having big feet (I really do) and I tease him about having a big head (figuratively, and only a bit literally.) He teases me about not being able to hear, and I tease him about having the world's worst diction (you won't believe the things I thought I heard him say!) He makes fun of my best friend and my profession. I make fun of his tummy and his laundry laziness. He's been known to use terms like Chili-zit. I told him he had a boogerstache.

But really, I think he topped them all on Friday after examining my face. It's not often that you get to hear the man you love, the man who wants you to bear his children, the man who has told you that you have the face of an angel - tell you that you have ringworm. And it's even less often that he tells you by saying...

"Yep, you've got a fungus on your face."

I gave him a mean look and he then assured me that it was a hot fungus. That really did not help the situation at all (but I do appreciate the effort.)

The best part (and by best part I mean the part that really made me want to bang my head against a wall) was when he proceeded to make jokes about my fungi. Including this one:

"Hey, grace, since it's on your face, does that make it a fun-gal?"

I moaned.

In all seriousness, how does one go about getting ringworm on that particular area of their body? I can only think that I must have laid on something. Oh, bother.


Halo said...

um this sounds like all kinds of gross.

elj377 said...

Sorry...hope it goes away soon...could you have touched something then moved your hair and spread it that way...

- Justin said...

Man... John sounds like he has my kind of humor!

Fun-gal!?! That is freaking hilarious!

In the presence of and providing the opportunity for such a remark of genius, I can't believe you would moan... wait... you're Grace... I guess I can believe it.

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