Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I am the only one who keeps calling the peeps in my county about how to do this re-adoption thing and keeps getting the run-around?

Seriously, you would think they have never heard of an IR-4 visa. Ugh. I can't deal with this until after finals.

(This makes me feel like both a bad mom and a lazy mom. But finals are next week. So really, what's another week and half of delays? If I get it done within the first 3 months home, I should be good, right?)


The Albertsons said...

Hi Grace-
I'm just now filing paperwork to re-adopt Sam... don't worry about it! I'm slow b/c of all sorts of junk that came up when we were about to file (like leah having emergency surgery and a rough recovery... throws a wrench in any plans, right???). So at least you now know that their is another "lazy" mom out there (although "insanely busy" is a preferable term). Usually courts require that you re-adopt within the first 6-12 months upon being home (that's in most states).
good luck with your studies...

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Girl, study for your finals!!!Forget the labels "bad" / "lazy" mom. Ain't nofin' worser then a dum-mom duh!!! (yep, said "ain't", "nofin'", worser, and "then" instead of "than"...or is it "than" instead of "then"...see intelligent moms know the answer)!

Smile, it's going to be okay!

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