Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Christmas 2008

Santa came to our house.

I have proof.

Abigail was thrilled.

Anna in a shirt from Laurie and Angelo. She insisted on wearing every item she unwrapped. (The ride-on car next to her was also a gift.) (Ignore me. Horrible picture of me.)

The "Chicken Dance" reindeer chicken from Aunt Sylvia. It scared her for a while. Because not only does it talk, sing, play music, and bawk, it also walks. Towards her. Of it's own accord.

She got over it, then loved it, and then I took it away because it annoyed me, um, I mean because I was packing up the Christmas stuff!

Glowing. (Note the cat, who is clearly admiring the baby Jesus in the nativity. Because she is a good Christian cat like that.)

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