Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleep + Shoes

I mentioned before that Abigail and Anna have recently taken to sleeping in the same room, with Anna in the bottom bunk. We had a few episodes of Anna climbing out of bed the first few nights, but since then, she has stayed in bed all night long.

Until last night.

1:42 am. I hear Anna whimper a few times, but then it's quite so I try to go back to sleep. Then I hear some clunking coming from the girl's room. I imagine it's Anna trying to climb out of bed, but I leave her be to see what is going to happen.

There is a night light in the girl's room, but none in the hall. Their door is open so that the cat can get in and out, and mine is open so that I can hear them (and so that the cat doesn't sit outside my room and cry all night.) The hall and my room are pretty dark. I can hear Anna clunking into things as she makes her way down the hall to my room. I hear her push the door open. Then quiet. A few shuffling steps. A loud clunk. And crying.

I turn the lights on. Anna has walked into the dresser and hit her head. I scoop her up and comfort her and take her back to bed. She made a long walk in the middle of the night without crying- something Abigail would not have done at that age. As I tuck her into bed again, I notice that she did make one detour before coming into my room.

On her little feet she is wearing her favorite red velvet dress shoes. As a reward, I let her keep them on as she heads back to bed.

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Ryane said...

Cute story. Sweet girl.


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