Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What's that?

Hey, what is that?

You know, those three little letters over there.

There, at the end of my name....

Oh yes, it is BSN.

Done. Finally. Whew.

You may remember that I was supposed to graduate in the Fall, 2008 semester. But life (and a certain little Ethiopian- and her big sissy- and some giardia, lack of sleep, bonding/attachment, and piles of laundry) got in the way. So I took my last class this semester. And just finished with a 100%.

Oh, hot dog, this feels good.

Now- off to finish my Master's application. Did I tell you what I finally decided to pursue? This little thing. I think MPS will look very good next to RN, BSN. And might actually put me in position to change the world.


Mandalina said...

Congratulations, chica bonita! I knew you'd do it. Now it's time to Party!

m&r said...

Congrats!! And why am I not surprised that you're moving on to your next big thing already?? You continue to amaze and inspire.

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