Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleep + Shoes

I mentioned before that Abigail and Anna have recently taken to sleeping in the same room, with Anna in the bottom bunk. We had a few episodes of Anna climbing out of bed the first few nights, but since then, she has stayed in bed all night long.

Until last night.

1:42 am. I hear Anna whimper a few times, but then it's quite so I try to go back to sleep. Then I hear some clunking coming from the girl's room. I imagine it's Anna trying to climb out of bed, but I leave her be to see what is going to happen.

There is a night light in the girl's room, but none in the hall. Their door is open so that the cat can get in and out, and mine is open so that I can hear them (and so that the cat doesn't sit outside my room and cry all night.) The hall and my room are pretty dark. I can hear Anna clunking into things as she makes her way down the hall to my room. I hear her push the door open. Then quiet. A few shuffling steps. A loud clunk. And crying.

I turn the lights on. Anna has walked into the dresser and hit her head. I scoop her up and comfort her and take her back to bed. She made a long walk in the middle of the night without crying- something Abigail would not have done at that age. As I tuck her into bed again, I notice that she did make one detour before coming into my room.

On her little feet she is wearing her favorite red velvet dress shoes. As a reward, I let her keep them on as she heads back to bed.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Look who's 2!!!

Currently loves: baby dolls, purses, back packs, books, fish, any mammal- especially if they make a noise!, dancing, music, candy, rice and beans, french fries, big sissy, Lily (Leeeeee-Leeeeeee!!!!!!), bathtime, outside, facing forward in the car seat, sippy cups, climbing

Currently dislikes: spinach, using 2 words together, the potty, being told to leave the cat alone for 5 stinking minutes!, falling, the doctor's office, having her face washed, bedtime, babies
Happy Birthday Anna! We love you!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Poll: Postage

A friend from work was complaining that I haven't put any polls on the blog lately. And I did happen across an interesting debate in wedding world. So I put it to you, dear readers:

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Down + Please

I really, really wish Anna would start putting 2 words together... although she has recently taken to screaming the "noise" an animal makes whenever she sees a picture of that animal (so funny!) But, yeah. Would love to see some sentance action going on...

International Fair 2009

On Thursday night, Abigail's school hosted an International Fair. Representative from over 40 countries created informational booths, donned traditional garb, and shared a little bit of the culture of the country they were representing. We also got to sample international fare in the free cafe and purchase international treats at the bake sale. The children got their "passports" stamped at each booth they visited.

I hosted the Ethiopia booth. It was only 1 of 2 African nations represented (the other was Swaziland.) Anna, Abigail, and I wore our traditional Ethiopian dresses... Anna was a total hit! Abigail and I got funny looks:)

Potty Talk

She will hate me for this one day....


Yea! Her cast is gone! We follow up in a few weeks to make sure everything is still healing properly!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bunk Bed Success!

After more than 6 months home...

both girls are sleeping in the same room

in separate beds


My plan has always been to have the girls share a room utilizing their bunk beds. But, sleeping through the night was a big issue for Anna at first. Then, even though she would sleep through the night, she would cry for a long time to fall asleep and would immediately cry when she woke up. It's only been this past week that she started falling asleep routinely without crying, and waking up with just little whimpers.

I've let her share the bottom bunk with Abigail on weekends (they took a long time to fall asleep) to try to get her acquainted with a "big" bed. Since Abigail doesn't have school tomorrow, I decided to give it a go.... I let Anna watch Abigail climbing into the top bunk and then put her into the bottom bunk (with a guard rail!). She was excited to get into bed and gave kisses and said "nigh-nigh." A few minutes after the lights were out, she started whimpering (I think someone was moving around a lot on the top bunk and scaring Anna.) Lights back on, baby dollie for comfort, sissy popped her head over the side of the bed, and lights out again.

And silence since then!

Now, it will be interesting to see if Abigail stays in her bed all night, or if they get together overnight:)
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