Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wanted: Dream Job

I think I may have happened upon my dream job. I would like to be a bloggy book reviewer.

How one breaks into that field is beyond me. And, how I would possibly pretend to have any remaining pretense of a social life if allowed to bury myself in books and the Internet all day- and be paid to do so- is also beyond me. But it sounds enjoyable.

In other news: Anna has been the (daytime) potty queen for a few weeks now. (That's rocksome.) Abigail continues to amaze me with her maturity, 2nd grade skillz, and maternal/big sister-ness. John is working like a madman, mostly because he is. And my new (pink) computer is so rocksome. Except when it isn't (ie: when won't load in any of my three (3!) browsers!)

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