Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cloth or Not?

So, in continuing with the "hippie" theme that John thinks I am on... we are considering cloth diapers. Partially because of the environmental impact, partially because of cost, and partially because poor Abigail had such bad diaper rashes as a baby (we have very sensitive skin on my side of the family.) My mom cloth diapered us, and I know a lot of people use cloth diapers these days.

So, for those who have cloth diapered, especially those who have CDed newborns, I would like some input.

I am pretty sure that if we do this, we will use a diaper service. My reasons are:

1. I can hardly keep up with laundry as it is, and the extra laundry of a newborn, leaky boobs, and breastmilk poops-up-the-back-to-the-armpits will keep me busy enough that I am not sure if I can take on the added loads of laundry that cloth diapers present.

2. I like that when you use a service, you can actually be friendlier for the environment because they are able to wash in bulk loads.

3. The decision to CD has to work for both John and I... with the diaper service available in our area, there is no rinsing required (just shaking solids into the toilet.) That makes it much more palatable to John, and more likely to be something we can stick with as baby's poopies become more solid.

4. A CD service is a very cost-effective strategy that allows us to explore CD without making the up-front cost committment. We can start the service for just $17/week, rather than buying a bunch of CD supplies up front. If we decide CDing doesn't work for us, it is much less expensive of a venture.

Using a diaper service automagically means we have to use the diapers that are available through the service. They are described as "rectangular with an extra-absorbent panel in the middle. They are 100% cotton."

So, for those who have BTDT, what do you think? What kind of feedback do you have? Have any of you used a CD service? Are the prices on the website reasonable?

I would invest in my own diaper covers (they sell the LiteWrap brand on the website, but not sure if these are good?) and my own Snappi fasteners. Do you have recommendations for other covers/fasteners?

What about a good diaper pail? Or travel bags for wet/messed diapers? Both my mom and John's mom used CD and are very supportive of our decision (they both loved it and thought it really helped us kids:) so I am not terribly concerned about what would happen when we visit them (other than a planned trip to Chicago at Christmastime, during which we would probably use disposable just so that we don't have to bring back a bunch of messed diapers on the airplane... unless any Chicago friends have supplies we could borrow while out there?)

If the baby were to start into the day care where the girls go, he/she would use the disposables that all the kids there use (unless he/she developed a rash or something), but we would still CD at home, I think.

What have been your hinderances? What has worked well for you?


Molly G said...

I LOVE cloth diapering. We used prefolds, which is what you described the service provides. They're very absorbent (at least the brand we use are - there can be cheapie ones), but the main reason I like them is because they're so easy to wash and dry, which is not really a concern for you anyway.

As for covers, my favorite are Thirsties brand. I have no idea about the ones you say the service has. But Thirsties contain messes well.

I don't use a service, so I can't tell you about price, but I can tell you that the extra laundry has not been overwhelming for me if you might end up wanting to do it yourself to save money. For the record, I bought diapers, covers, and wipes to last up through 18 months for $400. And I have a great detergent so all I have to do is throw the bag of dirty diapers in the wash every other day and run it on hot.

So there are some thoughts. I think cloth is a great way to go however you do it!

Melissa said...

I left feedback but it got erased and I'm too tired to retype. To sum up: yay cloth, diaper service good/ may as well try it, check ouT these covers http://www.kidalog.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_24&products_id=62
Also, thanks for writing me back. I was in the midst of end of year report cards and craziness but really do appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback. I've decided to open myself up to a toddler referral, because I do like the interactiveness and energy of those little ones and really doubt I'll miss the baby baby stage. Again, thanks.

Dawn said...

I don't know much about CDing, but have you considered gdiapers? They might even be good as an alternative to disposables in the incidents that you named above.


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