Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Lord

I went a long time without posting. Holy Cow!

Here is the newest Graceling:

He is working on filing our taxes right now. Love him:) Being married is pretty much great. Except when it isn't. You know, kind of like parenting: awesome, except when it isn't.

FAQs and what to do with them...

I get a lot of emails. A lot. Many about this list. My husband (yes, I just got married last month, and now use the term "husband" so frequently that it is nearly annoying to most people. I guess the goofy grin that comes over my face when I say "husband" keeps it endearing enough that they don't feel the need to clobber me... yet) jokes about how much time I spend online and how, after being away from email for a few days, I have to sit down and open several browser windows and "catch up." I pretty much love it.

I get a lot of other emails, too. Ones from people who are considering using Gladney for their Ethiopian adoption. I know it is partially because of this list that so many emails are directed at me.

I have not personally been in-process with an adoption for over one year, and while I still stay connected to the families who are in-process, I readily admit that I am not the best source of info for people who are considering Gladney, simply because I am pretty far removed from the actual paperchase and waiting stage.

But I know lots of people who are the perfect resource:)

I often direct inquirers to the yahoo groups or to check out blogs on the FBI. But I think we can do one better than that. Many people are intimidated to ask questions on forums or feel intrusive emailing random people from the forums, and I find the forums are not as helpful as they could be. So, here is my question:

When you were in the process of choosing an agency, what did you ask? What kind of resources did you wish you had? Where did you find the best info? What didn't you hear?

And what can we do with this blog, our little bit of the interwebs, to help people with questions about Gladney?

I am thinking of compiling a list of common questions and asking you all to respond to them.... anonymously or not. What do you think? Would some of you be willing to self-identify as people in process to whom I may direct those with questions? What else would be helpful?
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