Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bumpdate 22 Weeks

In the words of my sister... "Yowsa! Where'd that come from?"

I could definitely feel that I was getting bigger this week- lots of back and hip pain, and the sensation of my skin stretching to accommodate the bump. It didn't help that this week my rump also decided it was carrying a baby. Now none of my scrub pants fit- not because they won't cover my bump (I wear them below the belly) but because I can't get them up over my butt!

We had good news and not-so-good news at the doctor yesterday.

The good: baby looks great, heart rate is great, and all my amniotic fluid is still right where it should be:)

The not so good news: my cervix is measuring short. 2.3cm to be exact. This is continuing a downward trend, and places my cervical length firmly in the "borderline" category. If it gets shorter or possibly even if it stays the same, I am looking at bed rest. If it gets really shorter, I will probably be on bed rest in the hospital. I guess there is a possibility that it could lengthen, but that would be unusual, especially since I am getting bigger and still having contractions on and off.

Our summer vacation plans are on hold for the time being. Even if I'm not on bed rest, we still don't know if it will be a good time to be so far away from our doctors and care team, because these things can change quickly. It is almost certainly not a good time to be away for a few weeks at a time, since my weekly monitoring would be fairly difficult to do with me in another state. So, we have to wait and see what the measurements are next week. :(

I am a little sad, a little bummed, and a whole lot grateful that we have the technology to prevent a devastating outcome.

The baby is getting a little cramped. Nugget has a hand near the mouth and another bent up to the ear or above the head, and knees bent up nearly in the fetal position.

Cloth or Not?

So, in continuing with the "hippie" theme that John thinks I am on... we are considering cloth diapers. Partially because of the environmental impact, partially because of cost, and partially because poor Abigail had such bad diaper rashes as a baby (we have very sensitive skin on my side of the family.) My mom cloth diapered us, and I know a lot of people use cloth diapers these days.

So, for those who have cloth diapered, especially those who have CDed newborns, I would like some input.

I am pretty sure that if we do this, we will use a diaper service. My reasons are:

1. I can hardly keep up with laundry as it is, and the extra laundry of a newborn, leaky boobs, and breastmilk poops-up-the-back-to-the-armpits will keep me busy enough that I am not sure if I can take on the added loads of laundry that cloth diapers present.

2. I like that when you use a service, you can actually be friendlier for the environment because they are able to wash in bulk loads.

3. The decision to CD has to work for both John and I... with the diaper service available in our area, there is no rinsing required (just shaking solids into the toilet.) That makes it much more palatable to John, and more likely to be something we can stick with as baby's poopies become more solid.

4. A CD service is a very cost-effective strategy that allows us to explore CD without making the up-front cost committment. We can start the service for just $17/week, rather than buying a bunch of CD supplies up front. If we decide CDing doesn't work for us, it is much less expensive of a venture.

Using a diaper service automagically means we have to use the diapers that are available through the service. They are described as "rectangular with an extra-absorbent panel in the middle. They are 100% cotton."

So, for those who have BTDT, what do you think? What kind of feedback do you have? Have any of you used a CD service? Are the prices on the website reasonable?

I would invest in my own diaper covers (they sell the LiteWrap brand on the website, but not sure if these are good?) and my own Snappi fasteners. Do you have recommendations for other covers/fasteners?

What about a good diaper pail? Or travel bags for wet/messed diapers? Both my mom and John's mom used CD and are very supportive of our decision (they both loved it and thought it really helped us kids:) so I am not terribly concerned about what would happen when we visit them (other than a planned trip to Chicago at Christmastime, during which we would probably use disposable just so that we don't have to bring back a bunch of messed diapers on the airplane... unless any Chicago friends have supplies we could borrow while out there?)

If the baby were to start into the day care where the girls go, he/she would use the disposables that all the kids there use (unless he/she developed a rash or something), but we would still CD at home, I think.

What have been your hinderances? What has worked well for you?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bumpdate 21 Weeks

I took the girls with me to my ultrasound last week. What fun:) I am not sure Anna connected the image on the machine screen to the baby in my belly, but Abigail loved it! The baby was quite clearly swallowing, which was interesting to watch on ultrasound, and the baby also gave a little wave. Both Abigail and Anna had fun touching the gel on my belly.

The cervix length is great, and the baby continues to look good. No chest pain, and just occasional shortness of breath. Nothing too exciting- just the way I like it!

We had our OB visit today, and spent about 15 minutes on the contraction monitor because I was having contractions about every 20 minutes at work. Seems that as soon as I put my feet up and relaxed, the contractions stopped:) Thatclearly means that I should put my feet up more often, right?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traveling Twice and the FBI *UPDATED*

 So, I need some input.

As I understand it, under the new two-trip procedure, families will be assigned a date to travel for court. After passing court, families will be issued an embassy date for which they will need to return to Ethiopia. Is this correct? Is this how the 2-trip process works?

I am thinking of adding another column to reflect this new procedure... the columns would read "first court date," "passed court," and "embassy date" to reflect the lapse in time between court date and placement. What do you think?

Has anyone heard how Gladney/the ET system will handle cases where families do not pass court on the first/assigned court date? Certainly, we can see that not all families pass court on the assigned date, and in the past some families have had a significant delay between the first court date and the date that they passed court. If this were to occur, how would it be addressed?

Updated 6/29/10

After receiving lots of feedback here and via email, I decided not to change anything on the FBI at this point. Thanks for your help!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bump Check- 20 weeks and Update

I have enough of a bump now, that when I bend over, I feel like I am bending over my little belly ball. I also have started the "pregnancy sit" (John's term) where if I am sitting and need to lean forward, I have to move my legs apart to make room for my bump.

My back has been totally whack for a week, and I can't get enough of the chiropractor. Plus, their handy-dandy table offers me a place to lay on my stomach comfortably:)

Everything was good at our ultrasound on Wednesday. The Nugget was sucking thumb/fingers, and really having a good time of it, too:) Everything looks good, and the cervix is doing it's thing! A few more weeks of weekly checks, and then we can ease up a bit... although I will miss seeing my little Nugget:(

Nugget rubbing his/her eye.

Monday, June 07, 2010


Okay, where is NASA in this oil spill mess? I'm serious... have you seen Apollo 13? They took a box of random stuff and figured out how to save the mission to the moon. They are brilliant. I think if  BP got them involved, we could get this oil spill disaster under control. Fixed, even. And they wouldn't do it with a plug- that much I am pretty sure of (also, my husband agrees with me, so that makes me even more sure of myself.)

Everywhere I go, people seem to be saying over and over that a plug is the solution... why don't we just put a plug in it? I get the rationale, I really do. But the thing is this: the oil is under 1 mile of ocean waters. Do you have any idea how much pressure that is? Human bodies are crushed much beyond 300 feet below the surface... and we are talking about a "leak" that is 5,000 feet below the surface. The oil is already pushing up against an amazing amount of pressure (check out this link for an idea of how much pressure per square inch...1 mile= about 1500 meters.) I mean, I thought the pressure from my sinus headaches was bad...!

It's basic physics: A plug would have to maintain pressure greater than the amount of pressure being exerted by the oil. And that is just too much pressure for any kind of "plug" that we can come up with, at this point. So, a plug is not the solution.

What is? I don't know. But I bet NASA does.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bump Check- 19 Weeks

The baby has been tending to stay on the right side of my abdomen. Abigail carried the same way, until I went to the chiropractor at 34 weeks and had my hip adjusted into the right place. Guess where I am headed tomorrow afternoon?

Anna spent some time with a precious baby this afternoon... something she doesn't often have a chance to do. The little cutie was 7 months old, and Anna was both fascinated and afraid. We had a lovely discussion about babies, and she decided we should have a baby like that. She then reassured me,"don't worry, Daddy doesn't eat babies." Anna enjoyed holding hands with the baby, once she was reassured that she is allowed to touch the baby. Well, she enjoyed it until the baby, who is in that put-everything-in-the-mouth stage tried to put Anna's had into her mouth to much on. That freaked Anna out a bit:)

Abigail also played with the baby this afternoon, and I know she is going to rock as a big sister. She is so attentive, kind and patient. As a matter of fact, the other day she was complaining about being a big sister. "Sometimes I am doing something and Anna tells me to stop, even though I want to keep playing." We let her know that she can use a bit of her big sister power to say NO to the little sister... but it's just not in her nature. She loves to make her little sissy happy:) She's such a sweet girl.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pucker Up!

Nugget wants a kiss! Here is the Nuggets nose and lips (slightly opened). I think the Nugget does have John's lips. And probably his nose, too.

This baby can kick! I give you- a foot print... (I think the image on the right side of the picture is the left leg.)

Tastes like Hand

We had our full anatomy ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good. I really enjoyed seeing all the "finer" points of the anatomy... not just arms and legs, but kidneys, bladder, diaphragm, the chambers of the heart, the umbilicial cord, and the placenta to name a few:)

We could have found out gender several times now, but we are still waiting to be surprised. John thinks (hopes) it is a boy, but my gut is saying girl. Time will tell!

We got to see the baby yawning (apparently we are exhausting the little Nugget:) I was going to post a video of the Nugget trying to stuff his/her hand into her/his mouth, but I cannot get the video to upload anywhere (via blogger, youtube, onetruemedia, etc...) So here is a picture instead. The tech though the Nugget had John's profile.

Okay, here's another one. Because anatomy scans are fun! Right arm touching head (maybe the ear?)

Last one... Baby is face down and that is the Nugget's spine. Look at all those vertebrae!

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