Friday, March 04, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Hosted this week by Betty Beguiles
 1. This is my very first 7 Quick Takes Friday. I first learned about this by reading Brianna's blog. I really enjoy her writing, and though we are about the same age, I kind of feel like she is a mentor to me (meaning she is much more mature than I.) She is Protestant, but has some really interesting thoughts on Catholicism. I hope she shares more. I have been thinking a lot about Catholicism, because as I have learned more about some of the traditions, I can see how good this can be. There are still some points of theology that I am not sure I agree with (see: praying to saints), but I would like to learn more about the Church's current theology. In particular, I am thinking a lot about the practice of Lent. I am kind of bummed that I will be traveling on Ash Wednesday.

2. Speaking of Catholics, I got to talk to Coffeemom yesterday on the phone! We talked a lot about post-adoption grief and loss, and some behaviors I am seeing with Anna. I may post about this more in depth, but let me just say that Michele is awesome. And very vibrant and young sounding on the phone. Although obviously very mature and wise. I get the feeling she could run circles around me in real life (and not just because I have a fractured sternum.) She is another woman whose (Catholic) faith has inspired me, and she has certainly played a big role in my understanding of the traditions of the Catholic Church.

3. Michele recently posted a link to this site as a resource for all things Lenten. I really learned a lot about Lent, and the practices surrounding Lent. I think the most important thing that I took away from my reading there yesterday was this: "remember the point to all of this isn't to get caught up in the details, but to allow our bodies to reflect the inner mortification and prayer our souls are caught up into. Without the spiritual effect, the bodily doesn't matter." I think that is where most of the Protestant criticism of the Catholic church stems from.... the idea that there are too many rules and mandates done with the goal of guaranteeing salvation, but they are flesh works, not done from the heart or with the goal of a spiritual effect. Well, that and purgatory. But I am no theologian. So what do I know?

4. Since the accident, I have had a lot of pain in my chest (see above reference to sternal fracture.) I have been nursing the baby laying down in bed, since this is the most comfortable position for me. This means increased traffic in my bed, and let me tell ya- my sheets have taken a lickin'. Currently, I have spots of spit up, wet diaper leak (small), melted chocolate ice cream (the diet is on pause!), drool, water, coffee,  and at least one boogie from Anna on my sheets. This is pretty gross, but not enough motivation to add to the piles of laundry I need to do. #Lazy

5. The baby has been on a sleep strike. Yesterday he decided he was going to sleep, but only if he was naked, wrapped in the blanket Mimi made him, and laying on Daddy's pillow.

I was totally okay with that. I am thinking that the sleep strike is related to the accident. Not sure if it's physical, emotional, or a combination of the two, but it is definitely related. We gave him some Tylenol yesterday, and it really helped, so I am guessing he does have some aches and pains, if nothing else. He also likes to sleep with his hands up above his head.

Sometimes, when he is stirring in his sleep- maybe a bit gassy or otherwise disturbed during his sleep, I will see him reach over and rub the side of his head, just the way I rub his head when he is falling asleep. Awww.

6. Speaking of things that hurt after the accident... My glasses went flying during the accident, although I later found them lying on the seat between the kids. I have been having headaches since the accident. At first, I attributed it to hitting my head, but now I am thinking it might be due to my glasses. They work, but they don't fit the same way, and I wonder if that change in how they fit could be giving me headaches. I really need to get new glasses, so I guess there is no harm in asking if my insurance claim will cover them:)

7. This was on my front porch this morning.

Consider yourself warned. Also, that is after my birthday, so I will still expect birthday greetings. And you might as well go ahead and get me some great big gift. Because you won't be around to feel the effects on your pocketbook. Just sayin'.

So, that is my very first Seven Quick Takes Friday. This is really fun. You should do it and link up over at Betty Beguiles (normally over at Conversation Diary.)

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Living for the Lord in 2011 said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I love your blog and it was one of the major influences on my desire to adopt, my DH just agreed a few weeks ago, we are praying for the successful adoption of a little guy with special needs in Eastern Europe!

Also, I bet your little guy IS suffering from "whiplash"type symptoms...a chiropractor who has experience with babies might be helpful! I have been there on nights when they are so miserable they won't even nurse and feel for you....

Finally, I am a cradle Catholic who would be happy to answer any questions you might have...for example, re. "praying to saints", we are not giving them the honor and glory due God, we are asking them to go present our petitions to God since they are so close to Him in heaven...

Ok gotta go and clean up after 4yo with stomach flu!

Bless you!

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