Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Broken System

If the government of Ethiopia feel that their system (note: not adoption agencies, necessarily, but the WHOLE STSTEM) is so corrupt that they can only process 5 cases a day because they need to fully investigate every step of the process, don't you think it makes sense to support this?

A broken system is NEVER in the best interest of the child or the birth family. A broken system only helps APs. (see also: Guatemala and Vietnam)

Working on a series of posts about ethical adoptions and changes in Ethiopia. Stay tuned.

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Dawn said...

I look forward to reading your posts about ET and adoptions there. This whole "slowdown" makes me sick! Yes, I am sure there is corruption that CANNOT be ignored or allowed, but I don't think this is the answer. Are they really not able to research cases before they get to court? Do they need more workers? I am sure there are LOTS of children that are up for adoption that need homes because their first ones couldn't take care of them, either through death or extreme poverty. When Guatemala or Vietnam are mentioned, I think of our son whose birthfamily very much wanted him to have a better life with us, or friends who have been paying foster care support for YEARS for their Guat adopted son's bio brother. Their birthmother has been tested and questioned many times. This is what she wants for her sons. Is it not her right? Yes, I believe there are bad agencies, but there are also many more honest ones who are doing what their children's bfs want for them....finding them good homes. I hope this is all settled soon and children can have families.

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