Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (2)

1. My neighbor has the ugliest vehicle. It's not an old clunker that's rusted or painted funny. No, it's a vehicle he went out and purchased new. Every time I look out the front window and see it (he kindly leaves it parked right at the end of my front sidewalk) I shudder. So ugly. 3 guesses what car it is! (Hint: it looks like a castrated Chevy Avalanche.) (Yes, I did just use the word castrated.) (John laughed at me when I made that comparison.)

2. I am Irish. On St. Patrick's Day, I wore green, but that was about the only Irish thing I did. In fact, 2 of my children didn't wear great because I wasn't together enough to make sure they had something green to wear. Yet another example of my (many) failings as a mom.

3. We made it to Philly on Wednesday to our USCIS appointment. The last time I tried to do that, I was in a major accident. Equally exciting news: Anna's COC should be in the mail shortly! Despite my concerns that I would have to replace the (missing) green card and all that jazz, it all worked out and I am now stalking the mailbox. Need the COC to get her SSN and file our taxes:)

4. In other accident related news, I am supposed to get my new vehicle tomorrow. Kia Sedona minivan. We test drove all the models out there, and the Honda Odyssey is my favorite, but the Kia was much less expensive, so we are going with that for now. If and when I am ready to pimp out my minivan, we will get the Honda O. They are nice:)

5. My little man turned 5 months old yesterday! The time is seriously flying. He is getting so big (which, I know, I say all the time.) He now laughs (but not like this baby) and he can "tripod" for minutes at a time. We are going to try rice cereal again; last time we tried it, he was excited to have it in his mouth, but didn't really "get" the swallowing thing:)

6. Confession: I don't love cloth diapering. I wanted to love it, but I don't. I mean, I will still do it, because I do believe all my reasons for doing it are good. I just don't love it. And if I can't find a diaper service in Jackson when we move, we will probably switch to disposables or cloth with disposable inserts.

7. After the great house-hunting adventures of the past few months, I think we are going to end up renting. There are many, many reasons to do this: financially, it makes more sense; it lets us get to know the area better until we decide where exactly we want to live; it gives us time to figure out what the market is doing in Jackson; we are not locked into a house when we are not sure how  long our tenure in Jackson will be; we don't have to worry about a downpayment, and if it takes longer to get our current house on the market or sold, it won't be a big deal. Plus, when we do go house-hunting again, we can take our time and wait for something we really love to come onto the market. Good. A bit disappointing. But mainly good.

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