Sunday, March 06, 2011

Totaled, Revisited

My poor, lopsided car!

On Friday, I had to go clean out my car since insurance "officially" decided it was totaled on Thursday. I was surprised by the intensity of emotion that I felt- not of sadness or loss, but of gratitude. Gratitude to God, for his protection, gratitude to the designers of the vehicle's safety features (who, I am sure, rarely receive thanks for the job they do), and gratitude to the other drivers around me that day, who managed to avoid hitting us and each other. 

The front of the car took the initial impact, hitting the concrete median almost head-on, then continuing to spin.
Kind of looks like an ugly snarl, no?
 We were struck by one other vehicle while we were spinning, on the rear driver's side, I think. I didn't take a picture of that, for some reason.

The interior of the car was basically undamaged except the back hatch near the lights.
 Our momentum was finally stopped by the back of the car smashing into the median. The majority of the impact was on the rear passenger side.

John Andrew's car seat was just inside this door. Amazing that he was unharmed!
 When I opened the door to start cleaning out the car, I found a surprise...
Doesn't everyone carry a role of duct tape with them everywhere they go?

To read more about The Accident, go here. I am just so thankful to be here, to have my children whole and unharmed, and to know that no one else was hurt! I didn't even get a ticket! Yowsa!

Still, I often dream, reliving those moments that are burned into my mind. I somehow feel very responsible- very guilt- even though I didn't really do anything wrong, and I really couldn't have prevented this (unless I was driving at a speed that was significantly slower than traffic, which would also have been dangerous.)

We went car shopping yesterday. And yes, I am looking at minivans (hey, I'm not out to impress anyone with my vehicle- I'm just trying to keep my kids from sitting right on top of each other all the time!) Right now, the Kia Sedona is a front-runner. Turns out, when you have a 35" inseam, your legs do not comfortably fit into most minivans. Who knew?

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