Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Moving Edition

1. The movers will be packing the house in 10 days, and loading it onto the truck the day after that. I am thisclose to becoming a Southerner, y'all.

2. I am trying to make the girls understand that all of the stuff they have "hidden" in their room and around the house should be found, sorted through, and packed now, because once the movers take our stuff, they won't really have a chance to take it with them. This is going so-so. Ideas?

3. I am not looking forward to the part where John and I have to pack up the 3 kids, 20 pound cat, and our 2 cars and drive from PA to MS. Not looking forward to it at all! Especially since our original plan to drive 5 hours Friday night during the evening/night might be botched up because John has to work that day and may even be on call. Ugh. Also, how do you entertain kids for that long on a road trip? What about the poor baby? I feel so bad for him, stuck facing the back of some seat, not even able to look out the window:( Poor thing.

4. We have not packed the basement. At all. We did get rid of some stuff, and have a lot more that we are giving away or tossing, but there is just a lot of other "stuff" that needs to be packed. And by "stuff," I am referring to things like John's ginormous wine-making kit. Because I think we are totally going to turn into the kind of people who make our own wine, don't you?

5. Anyway, the basement-packing is a John job. He is the one who has to go through the stuff and decide what will be done with it. So who will end up doing this job? Me. And the movers.

6. Movers are the best invention in the world. Ever. They are worth the bajillions of dollars we are paying them.

7. Did I mention the contract on our house fell through? Strangely enough, I feel so much less stress with having the house not sold, than I did while trying to make the deal with the neurotic weirdo buyers work. And since our Realtor told us we could sign a Power of Attorney so that John and I don't have to come to the closing, I am totally okay with it still being on the market. Slightly inconvenient when we have plans to work on packing or whatever and we get called for a showing, but that's okay.

Anyway, I am in need of some encouragement with the move (tell me it will all be okay!) and also ideas for this whole road-tripping with an 8 year old, 4 year old, and 8 month old. So lay it on me, peeps. What's your funniest moving story, words of advice, or best road trip tip?

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Jan and Randy said...

We travel with 4 (age 8 and under) all the time. We do not even use a dvd player. Been doing it since the 2nd one was about a year and able to travel (after long illness at birth). Don't try to drive through. Just be on their schedule. We stop every 2 hours (or there abouts...that's southern talk). Preferably at a 'play place' or a Cracker Barrel. (Do you have Cracker Barrels in the north...if not you will meet them in TN and on down). let them potty and walk around and get a snack. We have an ipod full of songs with a mix of kids songs and adult songs.

It works for us. But really, if you try to just enjoy the trip and not try to 'make a schedule''ll be better.

Good luck.


Carla Dobs said...

Go read the last few posts at:

Prepare to alternately laugh hysterically and be horrified at her "road trip from hell" moving from Las Vegas to Texas, with 3 little ones and a hubby who gets desperately Ill on the road...


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