Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Social Networking & Birth

When JohnAndrew was born, I think I posted a few updates on FB. I didn't Tweet then, so it wasn't so much of a thing for me. I did send quite a few text messages, though. 

A year later, I'm questioning how much I should allow social media to be involved in my birth process. Don't get me wrong... it's not that I'm shy (uh, did you read this or this?). It has nothing to do with the "distraction" of updating when I am in labor. It's not even that I consider birth a very private experience. 

It's more that I wonder how much of this process... labor, delivery, our first moments as a family of 6... should be shared, and how much should be saved, sacred to our family.

Here is why I want to consider live tweeting/FBing my birth:
  • Sharing real-life experiences of birth (the good, bad, and ugly) is important to normalizing the process of birth as a part of wellness, not an illness
  • Natural childbirth in the hospital is less common than in non-hospital settings. I want people to see how the natural childbirth process plays out in the hospital setting.
  • We are going to be sending text message updates to family and friends anyway... might as well share with everyone! Actually, tweeting/FBing might decrease the number of text messages we receive during the process
  • *I* won't actually be doing the tweeting/FBing... that will be all John. So it's really not any more difficult for me than NOT doing it.
  • John + labor + tweeting= funny typos
  • My "real time" experience of labor is often much different than my perception of labor. It will be nice to have the record in "real time" not just "labor time.
Here are my reservations:
  • John and I need to be on the same page about what we are sharing, when, and how. We currently are not (then again, we currently haven't really discussed it.)
  • John needs to feel comfortable with being the actual tweet-er
  • Not sure how much is appropriate to share
So, what would you do?

Leave a comment to let me know why you made your choice... and don't forget to make a guess about #4's gender, weight, and date of delivery over here!

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elj377 said...


We too debated about how much to share regarding our birth experience. Since Jayden was born over night we decided to update Facebook after i was admitted and then again as things progressed then not until after he was born! It was nice to keep people in the loop but not overly intrusive to the whole process. It's your call...just be flexible with it

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