Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes- John's Phone Photos, 2010 Edition

Like last week, I wanted to share some more photos that I found on John's phone (he got his phone in September, 2010)... It's so strange to look back at these pictures- most of them about 1 year old- and see how much we have changed in just one year!

October, 2010
 5 days old. So tiny.

October, 2010

At the Halloween Parade- waiting for Abigail to march past...

December, 2010

December, 2010
 This dress is laughably short on Abigail now, despite the fact that it was well past her knees 11 months ago...

December, 2010
 I am not sure why Anna was so forlorn on the Santa train.

December 2010
A Lego knight. And Abigail doing.... uh, something.

December, 2010
At Legoland in Schaumburg, IL. Which both of the girls loved, BTW.

As always, thanks to Jen for hosting. Do your own 7 Quick Takes and link up over here!

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