Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Even Wrestling Alligators Hasn't Put Me Into Labor

This baby needs to come out now. I am thankful that #4 didn't come too soon, but I have actually never lasted this long in a pregnancy before, and I am not really into breaking records. Come on little one! It's rather pleasant out here!

At the Jackson Zoo. Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011.

I'll be honest: I kind of have a low tolerance for being touched. I am not a cuddler. I am not naturally inclined to enjoy a spontaneous hug from even my children or husband, let alone friends and acquaintances. I have to remind myself to make sure I have hugged my kids every day. I build a bedtime kiss into the kids' nighttime routine, and a morning and evening kiss into John and my routine, just to make sure that it happens. Don't get me wrong- I tell my kids and husband that I love them all the time, but I just don't do the physical touch thing so well.

Add to that the discomfort of pregnancy, and I just really, really, really don't want to be touched. Like, by anyone. Hence the following conversation (warning: this may be TMI):

John: Sneak attack! (kisses me)
Me: (scowling) Whatever, dude.
John: What's up with you?
Me: Well, I just really don't want to be touched right now.
John: Why not?
Me: Dude, get a vasectomy, and then let me know if you want me to be touching all over you.
John: (looks at me incredulously) Why else would I get a vasectomy, if not so that you would touch me?


Eryka said...

Aww! So sorry to hear about how uncomfortable you are, friend! I hope that baby comes out soon!!

theadoptedones said...

November 28th will be here before you know it...

And yes I have been where you are and do understand but I chose a date for you - you asked us too.

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