Sunday, November 06, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday, a day for the Church to unite in prayer for orphans and to pursue the Lord's heart for how we should respond to the needs of these precious ones.

There are so many vulnerable children, both right here in the US and around the world. Adoption is only a tiny part of solving the problems these children face. Today I wanted to highlight three of my favorite ways to meet the needs of these orphaned and vulnerable children...

National CASA- Connects volunteers to local children in foster care who need support, mentorship, and most importantly advocacy to help meet their needs. You don't have to have any special training or education to be an advocate.

BringLove.In.- As an alternative to the International Adoption pipeline, this organization connects orphans and widows in Ethiopia, forming new families. "Mothers/Aunts" are provided with training to create sustainable families and children remain in their homeland. Families are supported through the transition by trained social workers So very few children in Ethiopia are candidates for IA, but almost every orphaned or vulnerable child can be sustained in their community through this model, which incorporates the idea of foster care and domestic adoption, 2 options that are missing from Ethiopia's child welfare system.

Connected In Hope- Connected In Hope works to prevent children from becoming orphaned due to poverty, disease, or other "lack of resources" causes in the Mount Entoto area of Ethiopia. Partnering with the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association, women are trained and provided with fair-trade markets for the items they produce, creating a sustainable and predictable income for these families. Social support is offered through a day care/preschool and improved access to health care. Women are also provided with leadership development opportunities to help promote their own needs, causes, and solutions. In this way, children can remain in the care of their first-families rather than becoming orphaned from preventable causes.

For more Family Preservation programs in Ethiopia, click here.

What are your favorite causes to support on Orphan Sunday?

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