Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anna's Hair (Update)

In the words of Benita who does Anna's braids, "that girl has deceptively long hair!"

Exhibit A: Freshly washed hair

Exhibit B: A Curl (remember this?)

Exhibit C: The Same Curl, Stretched Straight

Her hair goes well past the bottom of her shoulder blade.

Exhibit D: Hair in 2-strand Twists

I am definitely getting better at doing Anna's hair. This style, from freshly washed to all twisted, took a little over an hour. It helped that her had had been combed out before the wash as well as during the conditioning. It made combing it out to style very easy (which can be a main time-eater when styling hair that is Anna's type.) We keep it in protective styles that preserve length (mostly small braids, hence going to a professional braider), and her hair grows like a weed. 

Sadly, Anna has been telling us that she wants to cut all her hair off. Like, shave her head. She loves that look, and has seen several brown ladies with very short hair which she admires. For the time being, we aren't letting her cut it (we do trim, but not cut), but soon we probably will allow her to have more input into her hair. There is so little one can control at this age, but if she wants to wear her hair short, I guess that is not the end of the world.


Faith said...

If she is going to get it cut short anyway...would you consider getting locs as that is the recommend hair style for her hair type? She might like that better than her braids.
Just a thought.

Kevin and Mandy said...

When do you think kids should start making decisions about their hairstyles? I guess I never really thought about it before.

Eryka said...

Wow, so long!

Usually the argument goes the other way around. For me when I was young, I wanted long hair, but my mom wouldn't let me grow it long unless I was willing to take care of it. I had trouble remembering to brush my hair, and I hated baths. So a rat's nest was my most worn hair style in first grade.

Lisa said...

I just saw your blog for the first time.

Have you thought about a relaxer perm for her hair? My mother started me on those when I was 12 and she used to do them herself. She bought them from the store or a beauty supply shop. The relaxer made my hair a lot easier to manage. I just turned 50 and I wouldn't go without a relaxer.And, Ojon products are amazing on African-American hair.

If you need anymore information, please feel free to contact me at


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