Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To the Zoo!

On President's Day last Monday, I took all four kids and a friend to the Jackson Zoo. By myself. 

It sounds kind of crazy, even to myself, to say that I did that, but then again, I flew across the country 3 times with all 4 kids before Ava Joy was a month old by myself. The zoo was nothing, right? Right. 

(I keep telling myself that this "parenting 4 (sometimes 5) kids by myself" thing isn't a big deal or hard or exhausting in the hopes that I will actually believe it. Please lie and agree with me.)

I tried to get lots of pictures, but... well. I only have 2 hands. Which were generally busy with this little one.

And of course, this one.

These two did pretty well by themselves.

But Anna wouldn't touch the pig. Not even with the brush.

This one was probably the best behaved, though. She just sat in the stroller and smiled until it was time to eat!

Of course, I wasn't quick enough to get pics of her smiling. What with trying to keep JA from eating/being eaten by the animals.

The prairie dogs were the biggest hit. I love that the exhibit area allows the kids to be "inside" the prairie dog habitat. They love it.

But as I was reviewing our photos, I struggled with which ones I should publish. Our friend is in some of them, and I wasn't sure if I should show his face or share his name. If we were good friends with his parents, I might ask. If we were really good friends, I would probably just do it without asking:)

But I didn't feel comfortable doing that since we don't know them well.

What's your take? 

Do you put photos of other people's children on your blog? Do you ask permission? Do you share the child's name?

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