Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breastfeeding Is Like Chili



That's how many results were returned when I Googled "chili recipe."

There's tomato-based and white chili.
Vegetarian and meaty.
Soupy and thick-as-concrete.
Mild, spicy, and flaming hot.
The variations go on and on.

But here's the thing about chili: my recipe is the best chili recipe in the world.

You were just thinking the same thing, weren't you? That your chili is the best?

Well guess what? It is.

The chili you like the best is the best chili in the world, whether it's the chili you make, or your Aunt Sally makes, or your favorite restaurant in Seattle, or wherever. Because there's no wrong way to make chili... it all just depends on what you like!

Kind of like breastfeeding.

Ava Joy nursing, just hours old.

There's on-demand, on-cue, parent-directed and schedule.
Block feeding.
Extended breastfeeding.
Exclusively pumping.
Biologic breastfeeding
Adoptive breastfeeding.
Milk sharing, donor milk, and cross-nursing.

And it's all good.

My breastfeeding is the best. And so is yours.

There's really only two rules that apply to breastfeeding: Mom and baby should be happy and healthy, and it shouldn't hurt. If your breastfeeding meets these criteria**, Congratulations!

Your breastfeeding is the best in the world!

Just like your chili.

**If your breastfeeding doesn't meet this criteria, don't worry! You just need a little more help and support! Think of it as getting a cooking lesson to improve your chili recipe. A lactation consultant or LLL are great places to start, but if nothing else, drop me a note! I'm happy to help you find the support and resources you need! 

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Jamie said...

LOL so true!

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