Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yes, I know Easter was 2+ weeks ago. Belated as it may be, I still thought you might like to see some of our Easter pictures.

First, we had round 2 of our Natural Easter Egg Dye Experiment. We got some really cool colors this time around. (no filters on any of these... they are the actual color as captured by my iPhone in the morning sunlight. Pretty cool, no?)

Saffron Flower
Yellow Onion Skin
Hibiscus Flower
Red Cabbage, Take 2

Our church hosted an egg hunt on Palm Sunday. The kids had a ton of fun... well, at least the ones who understood what was going on:) JA did figure out that the eggs held candy, which put a prompt end to his "hunting" and a quick start to his eating!

Jelly Beans. Mmm.

This way to the eggs candy!

Look at that loot!

Nice haul!

And our best Easter Bunny shot of 2012:

Yes, our best bunny picture. At least no one is crying!

My mom was in town for Easter (which also happened to fall on Anna's birthday- post forthcoming). We were so blessed to have here. We didn't really do anything "special" for Easter, but it was a nice day all around.

Here are some of our favorite Easter pictures!

GaGa and Ava Joy

My men

My 4 blessings

GaGa and her babies

That's our Easter. How was yours?

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