Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Kid(s) Rock Monday: A Link Up

Missy asked how cute my kid(s) are over on this week's My Kid Rocks Mondays.

I feel like I tell you about my cute kids pretty often, but the whole point is to brag on them a bit. So here goes.


First of all, can you believe how quickly my baby is growing up? Look at her!

I love that Abigail is a voracious reader. One of my favorite things about her love of reading is that it spans many genres. She recently told me that Pissidian is the Greek god of the sea. Guess that's what happens when you read words and understand the context but have not heard the pronunciation!

And then there's things like this...

Abigail: (reading from a joke book) What's most important to a woman?
Friend: What?
Abigail: Her will.
Friend: .... uh, what?
Abigail: You know, that thing when you die?


Girlfriend is 5 now, and could she be cuter?

She got sisterlocs installed last week, and they are adorable. Requiring their own post (forthcoming.) She was quick to inform me that her hair is now so cute and when Ava Joy is one, she can have her hair loc'd, too.

The other day we were talking about Abigail doing something (going outside to get into the car after lunch, maybe?) and Anna followed up with "and then her lies." She's at that NO FILTER age:)


18 months today. I am not ready for this.

Ava Joy

Could this baby be any cuter? Someone who does not find my husband to be a kindred spirit recently remarked that one of his redeeming qualities is that he makes cute babies. I'll give him that much (and more) for sure:)

Be sure to go brag on your kids and link up to Missy's post here!

1 comment:

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

I love them all!!!

Snuggle with AJ for me :)

And Anna looks gorgeous in that picture. I like her hair like that.

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