Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Accomplished! 30 in 30 Challenge (1)

I did it! I accomplished a goal on my 30 in 30 challenge! Not too shabby for 3 days in:)

Granted, it was one of the easiest challenges. But still.



That's 14-15 inches of hair, and weighs 0.25 lbs.

I am donating my hair to Locks of Love, just like Abigail did.

I've been growing out my hair since this happened (which has been 3.5 years!), fully intending to donate it when the time came. John nearly shed a tear last night, but I think he will be okay. I told my stylist that I felt like I was coming home... Ahhhh! My long hair was nice for a while, but this length is me.

Have you ever chopped off your hair?


scooping it up said...

you are awesome! and look darling!

Eryka said...

You're right. Shorter is more "you". I love it. Is that your natural hair color? Amazing!

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Yea!!! Looks great!!!

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